Rumour: Sony to Abandon DualShock Design for PS4

Rumour: Sony to Abandon DualShock Design for PS4 - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 18 January 2013 / 5,168 Views

History is doomed to repeat itself. So it seems with Sony and their PlayStation controllers at any rate. CVG are reporting that Sony are looking to change the design of the PlayStation controller with the release of the upcoming new PlayStation console that's set to be revealed this year.

Hey, I remember you!

Their primary source - a 'senior games studio source' - claims that the controller for the upcoming console has seen numerous re-designs, some of which feature biometric sensors and LCD touch screens. Few of them are reported to resemble the current DualShock design. Meanwhile a second source says that Sony are looking to try and "emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita" with the new controller.

Sony have, of course, declined to comment, and as always with rumours for upcoming consoles you should treat them with a pinch of salt for now, but it will certainly be interesting to see if Sony attempt, once again, to switch-up the controller design with their next console.

Source: [CVG]

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