THQ's Jason Rubin: Lack of Vigil Bids

THQ's Jason Rubin: Lack of Vigil Bids "A Travesty" - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 26 January 2013 / 2,596 Views

With the THQ assets auction complete, companies without a bidder, such as Vigil Games, were shut down. It's a tough time for THQ and its former subsidiaries, but the loss of Vigil has hit THQ president Jason Rubin especially hard.

Jason Rubin

Speaking about the results of the auction, Rubin said that "the price that the teams and products 'went for' at auction seem to me to have no bearing on the underlying value...If someone tries to judge the quality of the products by the price paid for them they are doing themselves no favor."

He specifically pointed out Vigil and its lack of bidders, calling the situation "a travesty". "It makes no sense to me," said Rubin. "If I weren't barred from bidding as an insider, I would have been there with my checkbook. I'm sure that's little consolation to the team, but that's a fact."

Some speculation says that Vigil may not have received any bids because Darksiders II had recently released, and its next big project, Crawler was still a ways away. However, with interest from Platinum Games having recently surfaced, it remains a mystery why no company placed a bid for Vigil, not even a small one.

Source: [GamesIndustry International]

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