BioShock Infinite Season Pass Announced

BioShock Infinite Season Pass Announced - News

by Arthur Kabrick, posted on 21 February 2013 / 1,190 Views

As BioShock Infinite's release date approaches, Irrational Games confirmed today that they are beginning work on downloadable content for the game. The first three pieces of content will be included in a season pass, and will provide bonus gameplay and tools within the sky city of Columbia.

The season pass will come with a free copy of the Early Birds Special pack, which includes damage upgrades and gold skins for the machine gun and pistol, and other bonus gear and character upgrades.

The BioShock Infinite Season Pass will be available from launch day, 26th March 2013, on all platforms. The developers claim that it offers $30 worth of content for the bargain price of $20.

It can be pre-ordered from the official website or from participating retailers.

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