The Last Guardian Still a No-show, Sony Apologises

The Last Guardian Still a No-show, Sony Apologises - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 22 February 2013 / 2,847 Views

More news courtesy of Sony Worldwide Studios President, Yoshida, this time in an interview with Kotaku:

"I apologize to people who are waiting for the game. Ueda-san posted that he's still working on it, that he's creative-directing it and that the team in the Japan studios are working hard. We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian."

Trico's impression of 'working hard'

Kotaku also asked whether development for the game had shifted from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4, to which Yoshida replied:

"We're going to talk about it when we can."

So... yeah better than nothing I guess; at least Yoshida was able to confirm that The Last Guardian is still being worked on. Nonetheless, the long, nervous wait continues for us Team ICO fans.

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