There's A Game Breaking Tomb Raider Glitch (and a solution)

There's A Game Breaking Tomb Raider Glitch (and a solution) - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 09 March 2013 / 18,673 Views

Well the reviews are out and the new Tomb Raider seems to be the rare successful reboot.  However poor Lara can't seem to catch a break.  There is a game breaking glitch around three fourths of the way into the game that seems to be affecting a large group of players.

She's a witch!

Basically, an element that is supposed to be able to move loads in such a way that it will not.  This object is supposed to break through the floor to allow you to continue, but it doesn't.  It also happens at a point in the game where you are trapped in that location until you "solve the puzzle".  Reloading your save does not reset the glitch, nor does resetting the console.  

Usually this would mean that you are stuck either restarting the game or waiting until a patch is released.  Fortunately, this glitch does have a work around.  Appropriately enough, it's another glitch.

Skip ahead to 2:10 unless you enjoy watching someone who doesn't know how to edit videos

 So luckily at least for now there is a simple work around that allows you to continue the game without waiting for the game to get patched.  

Happy raiding.

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