Make Your Own Officially Licensed Portal Cake, No Lie.

Make Your Own Officially Licensed Portal Cake, No Lie. - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 23 April 2013 / 1,998 Views

Yeah yeah.  Since 2007 every Chell, Atlas, and P-body has heard "The Cake is a Lie" line.  What was once a clever way for the developers to deliver us plot without cutscenes became an out of context quote that labeled one a "true gamer".

cake is a lie

Oh look! I guess the cake wasn't a lie.  hur hur hur hur hur

Or something.  Either way the humor has largely been beaten out of the meme (as is the way of the internet) but there is one thing that is still true.

Cake is awesome.

Cake has the power to bring people together.  Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and more would feel empty and pointless without cake.  So what does one do for the Portal fan who is celebrating the day of their birth?

official portal cake mix

Well now you can buy them the official Portal Cake Mix.  It comes with everything you need (aside from the perishable ingredients: aka cherries, milk, eggs, booze) to make a Black Forest cake that matches the digital one from Portal.  It even comes with a "rewarding candle".  

The best part? It is really two gifts in one.  You can make the cake and wrap the empty box.  Because laugh all you want, but I know quite a few Portal fans who would proudly display the box on their gaming shelf next to their Chell figure and replica Portal Gun.  

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