Kevin Conroy Not Returning For Arkham Origins

Kevin Conroy Not Returning For Arkham Origins - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 29 April 2013 / 1,739 Views

There have been many a man to put a voice to the Batman but the one with the gravelly milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard, Kevin Conroy, is looking very unlikely to return for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game.  

kevin conroy

I'm the goddamn Batman.

This is all according to the latest NAG Magazine, which reports that Warner Bros. Games Montreal has decided on using an as yet unnamed voice actor.  While this has yet to be confirmed directly by Conroy or Warner Bros Games Montreal, it should be noted that this is still technically a rumor.  

It does seem baffling to not use Conroy.  He's been the voice of Batman for the classic 90's animated series, Justice League, as well as both released Arkham games and the recently released Injustice: Gods Among Us.  The reason for not going with the tried and true?  Since Origins is a prequel, this will be a younger Batman ... so younger voice actor.  Though last I checked, voice actors were actors with their voice.  I'm fairly sure he can sound younger if he wanted to.  


Comments?  I know you have them.  Are you worried that this game has decided against using Kevin Conroy?  Is there anybody who you think could possibly fill his bat boots?  

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