New Google Nexus 7 Coming to a Gamestop Near You

New Google Nexus 7 Coming to a Gamestop Near You - News

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 24 July 2013 / 1,746 Views

A year later and Google expectedly is launching a new Nexus tablet. The sequel to last year's very well received Nexus 7, the new model features a full HD 1920 x 1200 display, stereo speakers with virtual surround sound, front and rear cameras, a more powerful processor, and it's thinner and lighter to boot. The device will be running Google's latest minor update to Jellybean, Android 4.3, which supports Bluetooth 4.0 and parental controls to block things like in-app purchases. 


Just like last year's model, Google is pushing the device as a media all-in-one, and that of course includes gaming. Gamestop will again be selling the new version of the device. You can also purchase it from Google's online Play store and select online retailers. Alongside the Nexus 7 is a new Chrome product, the Chromecast, which is an HDMI dongle based on Chrome that lets you turn any TV into a smart TV for video and music playback through services like Youtube, Netflix, and Pandora via a mobile device or PC.

The new Nexus 7 will retail for $230 for the 16GB model and $270 for the 32GB model, while the Chromecast will run you $35 (and is compatible with both iOS and Android). It also comes wiht 3 months of Netflix free to both new and existing subscribers. 

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