Tales of Link Story Details and Character Designs Emerge

Tales of Link Story Details and Character Designs Emerge - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 12 September 2013 / 2,324 Views

Tales of Link, Namco Bandai's upcoming smartphone RPG, seems to be coming along nicely. Not only is the teaser site up and running, but we've also been treated to a clearer picture of its story and character designs thanks to Gamer.ne.jp

The game takes place in a world watched over by the gods, who kept the peace until a mysterious being broke into the heavens' shrine and destroyed the seal on an entity known as the "Seed of Disaster", which proceeded to scatter the gods all across the world. What follows is the story of humans helping the gods to re-seal the Seed and prevent further disaster.

Namco RPGs tend to be very twisty and turny, so there's almost certainly going to be a lot of trope deconstruction and highlighting of the nasty sides of its cliches before the plot reaches it conclusion.

The game's characters include Shiza, a man wielding more swords than he should be able to realistically use, an adventurous girl named Sara, the wise and calm goddess Leone and her fairy attendant Rippi (who looks kind of like a dog).

The concept art looks rather lovely, and seems to have been drawn by series regular Kosuke Fujishima, given its similarity to the designs of Symphonia and Vesperia.

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