Konami Requests Delisting of Skullgirls from PSN, XBLA

Konami Requests Delisting of Skullgirls from PSN, XBLA - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 07 December 2013 / 3,199 Views

Skullgirls co-publishers Autumn Games and Konami ended their publishing deal last month. Now Konami has requested that Skullgirls be removed from the PlayStation Network by December 17th and Xbox Live Arcade by December 31st in all regions except Japan (where Konami did not publish the game). Skullgirls design director Mike Zaimont announced the news on the Skullgirls weekly stream.

Skullgirls will soon get the skull and crossbones.

Zaimont explained that Konami make the delisting request without telling Autumn Games, leaving Sony to deliver the bad news to them. They hope to complete a new, self-published build of the game before Sony's QA Team leaves for winter vacation, so that it will be available soon. Otherwise, the game will be delisted from PSN.

Zaimont also announced that Marvelous AQL will publish the new version of Skullgirls, but since they will not own the property until December 31st, its unclear if Marvelous AQL can submit a build of the game before the delisting occurs.

Should the games be delisted, it is unclear whether owners of the Konami-published version of Skullgirls will be able to play online.

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