Bundles Galore: Four Separate Game Bundles Launch

Bundles Galore: Four Separate Game Bundles Launch - News

by Jared Katz, posted on 17 December 2013 / 1,719 Views

The Humble Bundle Team/Group/Wallet Devouring Organization has just launched the Humble Bundle 8. But while Humble Bundle is the most known game bundle site, there are others. These other sites include Bundle Stars and Indie Royale, both whom have their own bundles currently running.

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First Humble Bundle 8. This, bundle like past entries will run fourteen days, and will have more games unlocked in about a week. All the games are for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Those who pay over 1$ will receive Little Inferno (OST Included), Gemini Rule (OST Included), AaaaaAAaaaAAA aaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome and Jack Lumber (OST Included). Those who beat the average (currently 3.95$) will receive Hero Academy and Anomaly 2 (OST Included). Humble Bundle 8 can be paid for by Credit Card, Amazon Payments, Paypal, Google Wallet and Bitcoins.

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Our second bundle is the Indie Capsule Bundle from Bundle Stars. This one runs for another twenty days. Unlike the Humble Bundle, you will only receive the Steam Key when your purchase it. For the price of 3.47$ you will receive And Yet It Moves (Windows/Mac), Plain Sight (Windows), Snuggle Truck (Windows/Mac), Slender: The Arrival (Windows), Blood of the Werewolf (Windows), Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Windows) and Doc Clock: Toasted Sandwich of Time (Windows/Mac). The Indie Capsule Bundle can be paid for by either Google Wallet or Paypal.

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The third bundle is The Nutcracker Bundle from Indie Royale. This one will run for another eight days. On Indie Royale the price goes up each time a person buys the bundle. Then, whenever someone pays more than 10$, the price is lowered again. For the current price of 5.55$ you will receive PixelJunk Monsters (Steam and DRM Free: Windows/Mac, Desura: Windows) Dungeons of Elements (DRM Free: Windows/Mac/Linux, Desura: Windows/Linux), Legends of Fae (Steam, Desura and DRM Free: Windows), Prime World: Defenders (Steam: Windows/Mac) and Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold (Steam and DRM Free: Windows/Mac, Desura: Windows). The Nutcracker Bundle can be paid for by Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) and Paypal.

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The final bundle is a special charity bundle - the Yogscast’s Dwarven Dairy Drive on Humble Bundle. This bundle, unlike others, has the funds going directly to 5 various charities. The pricing is also set and will not change. For 5$, those who donate will receive the Heart of Gold item in Team Fortress 2 (this item is exclusive to only those who donate). Those who donate 25$ or more will receive Torchlight, Shank 2, Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed, Awesomenauts, Skølldir’s skin in Awesomenauts, Sanctum: Collection, Napoleon: Total War, Magicka: Wizard Wars (Early Access), Viking Hat for War of the Vikings and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Like the regular Humble Bundle this can be paid for by Credit Cards, Paypal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet and Bitcoins.

So buy to your heart’s content between these four great bundles! On another note, The Humble Bundle Store has begun its Winter Sale so you might want to save some money for that as well.  

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