Most Disappointing Game of 2013

Most Disappointing Game of 2013 - Article

by Jake Weston, posted on 05 January 2014 / 9,670 Views

Every year has its fair share of critical darlings and indisputable duds, but the arguably most talked about games are the ones that hurt the most: the disappointing. This award is given out with a heavy heart to the game that isn’t necessarily the worst game of the year, but is the most heartbreaking to play due to the wasted potential. 


The Nominees Are:

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Disappointing 2013  3

Beyond: Two Souls

Disappointing 2013  4


Disappointing 2013  1

Soul Sacrifice

Disappointing 2013  2

And the 'Winner' is...

Beyond: Two Souls

Disappointing 2013  4

Admittedly, there is a lot to like about Beyond: Two Souls. Its graphics are great. Ellen Page’s and Willem Dafoe’s performances are astounding. Its musical score is fantastic. But for most of us on the gamrReview team, its problems are too severe to forgive, be it the nonsensical way its story plays out, its inconsistent tone, or the lack of consequences for player actions (it’s possible to “beat” nearly the entire game without pressing a button). Given the pedigree of Quantic Dream and the success of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls is a disappointment in every sense of the word.

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