Sony Offer Fix for Game-Breaking Bug

Sony Offer Fix for Game-Breaking Bug - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted on 22 January 2014 / 2,666 Views

Many of you may have heard about, or been affected by, Error CE-34878-0. But if you haven't, then let me explain what it is. Error CE-34878-0 is a bug that corrupts saves on the PlayStation 4. It's affected a wide range of games released by various publishers, so the assumption is that it's a hardware problem.

Luckily, Community Coordinator LordRoss has taken to the PlayStation forums with a fix, although we personally haven't tested it:

"If you are experiencing this ce-34878-0 error code, please close the application and then install the latest system software and game patch.

If the error occurs again, initialise the PS4 system after back-up of the save data and please also submit any crash reports after re-booting your console when the error occurs."

Has this error hit you at all? Try out the fix and let us know if it works... or if it doesn't.

Thanks, Digital Spy.

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