Microsoft's Ybarra: Resolution Part of

Microsoft's Ybarra: Resolution Part of "A Game of Trade-Offs" - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 14 February 2014 / 5,581 Views

Mike Ybarra, studio head of Microsoft Studios, was interviewed by MyXboxLive regarding Ryse: Son of Rome, the Microsoft-published action game that launched alongside the Xbox One. Ryse was lauded for its impressive visuals and presentation. The game's native resolution is only 900p, which is below the 1080p desire of many gamers today. During the interview, Ybarra was asked how the decision was made to run Ryse at 900p resolution and he responded with the following:

A real gladiator only needs 900p to achieve victory.

"We knew that the launch of a new console generation meant we needed a showcase experience that demonstrated the new visual fidelity and capabilities of the system. From the very first concept phase of Ryse, we knew making the game visually stunning was important. It’s really a set of trade-offs that are made across a wide range of different topics from effects, resolution, scripted/dynamic instances, etc. that when added up brings together both the visual and emotional experience you want users to have. I think the point that gets lost a lot is that it’s all a game of trade-offs. Resolution alone is not the final determination regarding if a game looks great or not, it’s one of many different levers and it’s up to the game teams to decide what is best for their unique game experience."

Ybarra's response puts an interesting spin on the current trend of judging a game's worth by its resolution. Much ado was made about games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts running at lower resolution on Xbox One than they do on PlayStation 4, but Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the best looking games in console gaming today at just 900p, suggesting that the resolution war may not be as important as some believe.

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