Project Spark Team Try to Soothe Conker Fans

Project Spark Team Try to Soothe Conker Fans - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted on 10 June 2014 / 7,169 Views

Fans of Conker were left disappointed at Microsoft's E3 conference after Conker was announced... for Project Spark.

Fans on NeoGAF were not pleased. However, Team Dakota's Mike Lescault, Project Sparks' community manager had the decency to chat to angered fans. Responding to a post that stated "You guys want Conker? Make it yourselves!", Lescault said:

"That's a completely understandable way to look at it. And it makes sense that anyone who was eagerly hoping to hear the announcement of a new Conker game (and there's many of you, clearly) would be at least somewhat let down.

For what it's worth, I want to give you Team Dakota's perspective. Not that it will (or should) change your mind, but so you at least have a little insight on how we're looking at it."

He explained that they have been wanting to play a new Conker game for a long time, and as such the character was their 'first choice' for DLC for the game:

"We love games. Old games, new games, classic games. Conker is something many of us grew up with. We love the heck out of the crazy little guy and we want to hang out with him as much as you guys do, possibly more...

We're a small team with limited resources, so we have to be very selective in what we spend our time creating. Conker has such a passionate and diehard following he was the clear first choice for us."

He continued:

"We'll be releasing more details on our plans for Conker in the future. Please know that we love and respect Conker and his (in)famous history. We're huge fans of everyone at Rare and we're a very community-driven team that is always looking for your ideas and feedback. Please let us know your thoughts on what you'd consider the best and most respectful way for us to honor Conker in Project Spark.

One final note on Conker’s line in our trailer. It was important to us to be as true and genuine to Conker as possible. Not only was it important to get Conker’s voice right, it was equally important to let Conker be Conker. He’s not one to pull any punches, and it wouldn’t have made sense for him to gloss over the fact he hasn’t had a game in almost a decade. We were poking fun at ourselves, certainly not the dedicated Conker fans."

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