Watch Dogs Mod for PC Unlocks E3 2012 Graphics

Watch Dogs Mod for PC Unlocks E3 2012 Graphics - News

by Daniel Carreras, posted on 16 June 2014 / 2,931 Views

It seems that when Ubisoft released Watch Dogs on PC, they also kept all of the original art and graphics options that they've showcased throughout the years within it.

The screenshots below were all taken from the PC build, where Guru3D users Kadzait24 and TheWorse have both claimed credit for the mod, which not only unlocks the original graphics settings like "E3 2012 Bloom" for lighting effects and "E3 2012 Explosions", but also resolves some stuttering issues present in the current PC build:

watch dogs  3

watch dogs  2

watch dogs  1

Certainly looks impressive, right? 

Ubisoft has yet to comment on the mod, and is still in the process of working on a patch for the stuttering issues present on a lot of PC gamers' systems.

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