New Tech Analysis Compares GTA V on PS3 to PS4

New Tech Analysis Compares GTA V on PS3 to PS4 - News

by Daniel Carreras, posted on 17 June 2014 / 2,691 Views

Eurogamers' Digital Foundry, with help from YouTube channel GTA Series Videos, have published a comprehensive scene by scene look at the latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, comparing it to the already-released 360 and PS3 edition. You can view the video below:

Digital Foundry were impressed with the new lighting effects, whilst the number of cars, fuller tree models, more detailed textures and extra foliage were toppings on the cake.

GTA5  3

Their analysis also concluded that not only will the game be rendered in 1080p, but will also make use of anti-Aliasing, making the image appear smoother with less noticable jaggies.

GTA5  1

A release date hasn't been given for GTA V for PC, Xbox One and PS4 just yet, but Rockstar have promised it'll be released "this Fall".

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