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Pitchford: The Next Borderlands is the Big One - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 January 2015 / 2,071 Views

Developer Gearbox is currently preparing to develop the next Borderlands. They are currently looking to hire 22 programmers, artists, engineers, and developers. Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has stated that the next game in the franchise is the biggest one to date.

"We are recruiting for next Borderlands. This is the big one," tweeted  Pitchford. "We want to meet great artists, designers, coders, producers and other developers to help with next Borderlands!"


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Legendary_W (on 26 January 2015)

I had a lot of fun with Borderlands, loved Borderlands 2 and enjoyed The Pre-Sequel. I'm quite excited for Borderlands 3.

The Fury (on 26 January 2015)

Not being funny or anything but why haven't they been working on this already? DL2 was near 3 years ago and while yes they have been working on other things, doing a sequel to a very well received and no doubt profitable game would surely as a business be the best idea. Getting programmers and staff now means this game won't arrive now but in another 2 years time maybe.... maybe I'm thinking too much.