Nintendo Announces New 3DS Models, Improved CPU, Exclusive Games - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 September 2014 / 6,376 Views

Nintendo announced during its Japanese Nintendo Direct last week that it is releasing updated versions of the 3DS with new features, according to Nintendo Life. The updated 3DS will be called the New 3DS and feature exclusive games that will not work on older 3DS's.

The new 3DS will have two models. One similar in size to the original 3DS and the 3DS LL (called the 3DS XL outside of Japan). The standard will retail for 16,000 Yen ($154) and the 3DS LL for 18,800 Yen ($180).

The new 3DS will feature an upgraded CPU, which will see faster download speed, as well as the Miiverse running faster. A port of Xenoblade Chronicles will be exclusive to the New 3DS.

The new 3DS will include support for Amiibo, a second and smaller Circle Pad, 2 more shoulder buttons, more 3D viewing angles, and NFC will be standard. The top screen will also have less blur. The handheld will use MicroSD instead of SD, which is used on the current 3DS models.

The new 3DS will launch in Japan on October 11th and release in North America and Europe sometime in 2015 at the earliest.


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Mystro-Sama (on 01 September 2014)

You can always count on William D'Angelo for breaking news. ;)

Michael-5 (on 01 September 2014)

Smash Bros and a Dual Analog 3DS release in Japan.....going to be big.

KLAMarine (on 02 September 2014)

Want. I have a release model so I want to pick this up.

Kaizar (on 04 September 2014)

Same here. I'm going to get New 3DS XL.

What size are you guys & gals getting?

  • +1
cunger (on 02 September 2014)

If the new system supports microSD and not regular SD cards I wonder how it will work to transfer games and saves to the new 3ds.

amak11 (on 02 September 2014)

There is adapters for microSD cards that fit in to SD card slots, process should relatively be the same

  • +1
ninjaman003 (on 01 September 2014)

Not only is this late, there already was an opinion article on it.

PATRIOT7GAMING (on 01 September 2014)

Will is fired for being late on news

aikohualda (on 01 September 2014)

wow this is late...

WagnerPaiva (on 01 September 2014)

This is the kind of delay we had back in the old days when there was no internet folks. Just newspapers and magazines, and dinossaurs...

torok (on 01 September 2014)

Wow, is he an insider? How did he got all this hot info?