Ubisoft: Super Smash Bros. and Just Dance 2015 to Give Wii U Momentum - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 August 2014 / 6,408 Views

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot commented earlier this week that mature games don't sell on the Wii U and that Watch Dogs is the last mature game it will be releasing on the platform. However, that does not mean Ubisoft is abandoning the console.

Ubisoft's European boss Alain Corre has told GamesIndustry that two games can turn around the luck of the Wii U later this year. He believes that Super Smash Bros. and Ubisoft's own Just Dance 2015 will help increase the sales of the Wii U enough to attract third party publishers.

"To be honest, we always want more consoles," Corre said. "Just Dance 2015 is resonating very well. We think it will please a lot of [existing] Wii U owners and push more families to buy extra Wii Us. But we also believe that Super Smash Bros. will be a trigger to increase the momentum of the Wii U at Christmas. As a gamer, I was playing [Super Smash Bros.] over ten years ago, and it has some of the best moments that Nintendo has shared. I think that franchise could be magical [for the Wii U]."

"Nintendo has some of the best franchises in the world and it knows how to make great games. It proved that with Mario Kart, and it will prove that again with Super Smash."


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Roma (on 22 August 2014)

the more they open their mouth the more I dislike them

Gammalad (on 22 August 2014)

When was Just Dance a system seller? You know what would move more Wii U's Ubisoft? Assassin's Creed. People will be like WOW! I can get Smash and the new Assassin's Creed on the same system?!

Ucell (on 23 August 2014)

It already has two AC games, butt they didn't sell any systems.

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the_dengle (on 22 August 2014)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Stroking your own ego much, Ubi?

greencactaur (on 22 August 2014)

Think he means just Smash :P

RavenXtra (on 22 August 2014)

That's a weird way to spell Smash Bros. & Mario Kart 8, but maybe its a French thing :P

JohannStein (on 22 August 2014)

Just Dance a system seller??!!

biotonne20 (on 22 August 2014)

stop releasing jd on the wii and it might even work

ExplodingBlock (on 22 August 2014)

Haha So true

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Clyde32 (on 22 August 2014)

2015 isn't on the Wii.

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BlackyCat (on 22 August 2014)

Just Dance will not please me. GTFO.

BlkPaladin (on 22 August 2014)

I'm sorry I have to go here. Just like the other two/three Just Dances where system mover on the system.

Michael-5 (on 23 August 2014)

Didn't Ubisoft say that they were going to stop supporting the WiiU due to the lack of sales only a few months back? Now they are embracing it? Someone needs to make up their mind.

mertyville (on 23 August 2014)

they implied that they are going to release only games Nintendo Fans "like" and named JD as one of those games.
They aren't going to release Mature Rated games anymore because it is not like ZombiU sold the best of their games.

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XanderXT (on 22 August 2014)

They are right about SSB4, but Just Dance? That's just being arrogant.

padib (on 23 August 2014)

I'd prefer to use the term stupid.

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stuffmakesmelol (on 22 August 2014)

Ubisoft, STFU, you're are now the biggest joke in the gaming industry of 2014, and lets say alot of us are not pleased with this piece of news.

ikki5 (on 23 August 2014)

Just dance won't give any momentum. They are just being cocky bastards if they believe that.

The_Sony_Girl1 (on 23 August 2014)

That's thr stupidest thing I've heard them say.

mertyville (on 23 August 2014)

They are using Just Dance 2015 in the same sentense as Super Smash Bros being a quality game? Are they retarded? I won't even support their games on my other platforms...they are fucking over PC gamers as well anyways.

mzompicchiatti (on 22 August 2014)

I have to agree with this guy, I know A LOT of people who purchased a Wii after experiencing Just Dance.

mertyville (on 23 August 2014)

that were only casuals who most likely wouldn't buy a Wii U only to play this one game and the mobile gaming market wasn't as big back then so anyone had a Wii.

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NickK (on 24 August 2014)

Not being able to say more stupidities? Just shut the fuck up, UBI. So full of your shit.

Toxy (on 24 August 2014)

I have generally always liked Ubisoft. However this is definitely a blow to both Nintendo and fans alike. I wonder if their stance will change if Watchdogs sells well?

TechnoHobbit (on 22 August 2014)

Just Dance 5 and Just Dance 2014 didn't help any, why would this version be any different?

fleischr (on 22 August 2014)

I think MK8, Smash, and legs of Mario 3D among other games give compelling reasons for the JD crowd to get those games and JD2015 on Wii U!

FujiokaMidori (on 24 August 2014)

Nintendo fanboys hating on Ubisoft cause............................................ I have NO idea. You guys are funny.

Cheddarchet (on 23 August 2014)

For the all the crap Just Dance gets... The games are almost ridiculously popular. I work in a University rental desk (outdoor equipment, video games, etc.), and whenever someone's looking for a game, Just Dance is a safe guess.

jonathanalis (on 22 August 2014)

maybe if jd 2015 was wii u exclusive...

tripenfall (on 23 August 2014)

Give us ZombiU 2 now!!!!

TheWPCTraveler (on 23 August 2014)

SSB will be a system seller, no doubt, especially if the 3DS version gets people to buy the Wii U version. Just Dance will only be a system seller if they make it Wii U-exclusive. And, even then, I still think it should really be on the Kinect.

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HaloReach2014 (on 23 August 2014)

i dont see smash or just dance moving that many units

Clyde32 (on 23 August 2014)

You are joking right?

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