Report: Google to Purchase Twitch for $1 Billion - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 July 2014 / 4,369 Views

Google has signed a deal to purchase video game streaming website Twitch for $1 billion, according to sources who spoke with Gamesbeat last week. Google's YouTube division is reportedly in charge of the purchase.

Twitch has seen continued growth, which earlier this year hit 1.35 percent of all internet traffic. There are more than 50 million monthly active user, as well as more than 1.1 million people who stream at least once per month.

When Twitch began in June 2011, it had just 3.2 million monthly active users. Twitch was founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. It was also one of the first websites to host livestreams.

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Ganoncrotch (on 27 July 2014)

RIP twitch.

archer9234 (on 27 July 2014)

So are all streams now gonna be slammed with the copyright system that be have to wait a month to get cleared from fairuse?

iamserious (on 28 July 2014)

Google is a pretty good company from what I know so let's hope this ends up being a good deal for everyone.

billie91 (on 28 July 2014)

Why all the hate?! I'm also sceptical about this move of Google, but don't jump to conclusions yet. Lets wait and see.

GdaTyler (on 27 July 2014)

Oh god no.

garretslarrity (on 27 July 2014)

I actually thought this happened a while ago.

archer9234 (on 27 July 2014)

It was rumored a while back. But the companies kept denying it.

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FujiokaMidori (on 29 July 2014)

This is hardly news. It's been out there for over a month I think.

teamsilent13 (on 27 July 2014)

This is horrible. I like youtube's increase in quality since google took over, but every other aspect of youtube has gotten worse. The comments section, channel customization...most people won't understand, but my original YT was in 2006 so I saw google ruin many youtube features over the years after they purchased it. I hate google more than apple, microsoft, and walmart, but I love twitch. This is very sad news for me. Twitch is just a fantastic site right now. I'm enjoying it more than YouTube in some aspects.

LiquorandGunFun (on 28 July 2014)

ffs. RIP Twitch. Google will only fuck it up like shittube.