Top 10 Selling PlayStation 3 Games in 2013

by William D'Angelo, posted on 24 March 2014 / 8,933 Views

Welcome to the ‘Top 10’ weekly feature. Each week we will be taking a look at the top 10 selling games in a particular genre, platform, most recent month, even sprinkling in the top 10 selling games from a past year. All sales specified will be worldwide, unless stated otherwise. If there is a particular top 10 you want to see leave a comment and it may be featured in a future top 10. As a note all sales figures are retail only.

This week we will be taking a look at the top 10 selling PlayStation 3 games in 2013. Last week we looked at the top 10 selling Xbox 360 games in 2013, and the week before that the top 10 selling PlayStation Vita games in 2013.

Looking at the top 10 selling PlayStation 3 games in 2013, one was released in 2012 and nine were released in 2013. The one game released in 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, was released in November. Of the nine games released in 2013, two were released in March, one was released in June, two were released in September, three was released in November, and one was released in December.

In 2013 the top 10 games sold for the PlayStation 3 sold 44.93 million units. The top selling game, Grand Theft Auto V, sold 16.39 million units. It is the only game to sell more than 10 million units. The top three titles sold more than five million units, and the top seven titles sold more than two million units. The entire top 10 sold more than one million units.

When you break it down by publisher there are three first party titles, published by Sony, and seven third party titles.  Of the third party titles there are two published by Electronic Arts, two by Activison, one by Take-Two, one by Ubisoft, and one by Square Enix.

The three Sony games sold a combined 7.65 million units or 17.0 percent of the total games sold in the top 10. The eight third party titles sold 37.28 million units, or 83.0 percent of the total games sold in the top 10.


The top 10 selling PlayStation 3 games in 2013 as a graph shows how one game, Grand Theft Auto V, sold well above the rest. The game sold as much as the next three games in the top 10. The one game sold 36.5 percent of all the games sold in the top 10.

Side note: There were 8.27 million PlayStation 3’s sold in 2013, with 140.13 million games sold. That would put the attach ratio at 16.94 games sold for each console sold. There were 1,070 games available for the console at retail.

The top 20 titles sold more than one million games and the top 51 titles sold more than 500,000 units. The top 86 titles sold more than 300,000 units and the top 138 titles sold more than 200,000 units. The top 240 titles sold more than 100,000 units.

Sony sold 12.00 million games in 2013 for the PlayStation 3. Take-Two sold the most games for the PlayStation 3 in 2013 with 24.82 million games sold. Electronic Arts sold 21.71 million games, Activision 15.57 million games, and Ubisoft 9.66 million games.


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leyendax69 (on 24 March 2014)

Happy for Tomb raider and Tlou ^.^

pezus (on 25 March 2014)

TLoU: Can you say "UNDERTRACKED"?

Jranation (on 25 March 2014)

wow, most of them were released around November =D short time

kekrot (on 24 March 2014)

Good to see a new IP made the list...

kumagawa (on 24 March 2014)

Square Enix the only one of the big 6 3rd party Japanese 3rd party publishers to get on the top 10 best selling list and it's also the one in most financial trouble. I guess the console business really is not sustainable in Japan.