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by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 February 2014 / 11,456 Views


There is one game in the top 30 to be in its final week: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU).

Five games have 200,000 or more pre-orders, up from four last week, and the top 15 has 100,000 or more pre-orders, down from 16 last week. One game added 20,000 or more pre-orders, the same as last week and three added 10,000 or more, the same as last week.

Games in Final Week Before Launch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU) added 6,639 pre-orders for a grand total of 97,638. Expect first week sales in the USA at retail to be in the 125,000 to 175,000 unit range. Expect the game to sell between 1.0 million and 1.5 million units lifetime in the US.

Major Performers in the U.S. – Week Ending February 15

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) sales are expected to drop to around 75,000 units in its second week on sale. The Xbox 360 version is expected to drop to around 33,000 units.

Overall hardware and software sales are expected to remain relatively flat.

Other Hot Games – In Order of Release

 Titanfall - Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Titanfall (XOne) added 28,469 pre-orders, up from 14,325 last week, for a total of 273,045. The PC version added 3,006 pre-orders, up from 2,024 last week, for a total of 68,225. The Xbox 360 version added 5,195 pre-orders, up from 3,725 last week, for a total of 64,809. The game is four weeks away from launch in the USA, March 11, 2014.

 inFamous Second Son - PlayStation 4

inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4) added 8,023 pre-orders, up from 7,495 last week, for a total of 212,002. The game is five weeks away from launch in the USA, March 21, 2014.

Notable mentions: Dark  Souls II (PS3) added 14,853 pre-orders for a total of 176,748. Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (PS3) added 10,663 pre-orders for a total of 170,173. Dark  Souls II (PS3) added 6,270 pre-orders for a total of 117,427.

Requests: Bayonetta 2 (WiiU) added 189 pre-orders for a total of 28,119. Watch Dogs (WiiU) added 675 pre-orders for a total of 25,583. Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (PSV) added 2,428 pre-orders for a total of 10,848.

If your favorite game isn't in the top 30, leave a comment requesting which game you want to see and the most requested games will be added in next week's article!

The Top 30 can be seen below or click here to go to the USA pre-orders page.


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Azhraell (on 20 February 2014)

Request: Final Fantasy XV (PS4/One)

NintendoPie (on 20 February 2014)

Wow, Donkey Kong: TF really has a huge drop off in all regions when compared to DK:CR... even when compared to other DK games.

secretgamer (on 23 February 2014)

maybe because the wii won the las gen. the wii u is hardly selling so what did you expect?

  • -1
shikamaru317 (on 20 February 2014)

Request: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4 and Xbox One)

dovus (on 20 February 2014)

Why do they ignore requests about DA: Inquisition?

  • +3
shikamaru317 (on 20 February 2014)

I don't know, my request had the most upvotes last week and they skipped right over it. I wanted to compare it to Witcher 3 since it was in the requests section last week.

  • +3
Michael-5 (on 22 February 2014)

Probably because VGC isn't tracking it yet. This website estimates sale remember? Just because stores are taking pre-orders, doesn't mean VGC is ready to estimate them.

  • 0
Arfen (on 24 February 2014)

Request: Professor Layton and the Legacy of Civilization A (3DS)

zippy (on 20 February 2014)

Donkey Kong will do great in the US, Europe will prob be ok and despite the slow first couple of days, it will leg it out in Japan.

episteme (on 20 February 2014)

25K Watch Dogs Wii U sounds good, but some will cancel the order due to the delay.

Michael-5 (on 20 February 2014)

Request: Smash Bros. (WiiU/3DS)

drake_tolu (on 20 February 2014)

For me, Wii U nex week will sold: 60.000/70.000 USA 25.000/40.000 EU World:120.00/150.000 Watch Dog for Wii U 25.000, NOT BAD!!! And my beautiful witch is a 28.000 *-*... the first have 34.000 for 360 the week before launch!!! :D for me, arrives to 70.000/80.000!!!

jlmurph2 (on 21 February 2014)

You expect Donkey Kong to triple Wii U's sales next week?

  • +2
drake_tolu (on 22 February 2014)

yes, with DK is not impossible!!!

  • 0