EA Layoffs, Unannounced Need for Speed Title on Hold - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 February 2014 / 7,482 Views

Electronic Arts recently shifted most of the employees at Criterion Games to its Ghost Games studio. However, there are reports on Polygon that the studio has been hit with layoffs after only a single game released, Need for Speed: Rivals.

EA laid off their contractors at the studio and told full-time employees that can either take compensation and leave or continue working to help support Visceral's unnanounced title. This is just one week after Criterion Games founders left the studio.

The reports is also stating that an unannounced Need for Speed title has been put on hold. There is also no word on how many employees will be laid off.

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regin2005 (on 03 February 2014)

Is anyone surprised, really?

hasonap (on 04 February 2014)

Ahh well another day in EA land. Why even bother with opening a new studio if you're going to scrap it 1-2 years afterwards. I feels so sorry for everyone working at EA because this company really is SH*T

KingCherry (on 04 February 2014)

Criterion created the Burnout franchise, then after EA acquisition, developed NFS:MW to rave reviews, and this is how the studio/staff are rewarded?! It's amazing how badly UK developer acquisitions are treated by US/Jap companies. Add this to Bizarre Creations & Psygnosis (a 30 year old studio who Sony shut down for absolutely no reason), and you see why it's no wonder the UK are now just small studio & indie developers nowadays. Rocksteady & Media Molecule will be next.

TurboElder (on 03 February 2014)

EA will destroy every studio!

Devil_Survivor (on 04 February 2014)

Well its the slow death of a once great game developer, but will anyone shed a tear when their gone.

Locknuts (on 04 February 2014)

What a mess....

Seihaku (on 03 February 2014)

Bummer, Need for Speed Rivals is a surprisingly solid game, but EA doesn't support their titles post-launch it seems which definitely hurts (PC Version here)

HylianSwordsman (on 03 February 2014)

Look at them slowly continue to crumble away. How far will they fall?