Minecraft Top 14 Million Sold for the PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 February 2014 / 8,272 Views

Mojang's Minecraft success story continues. It has been one week since the PlayStation 3 version topped one million units and the PC version has hit a new milestone. The game has sold more than 14 million units.

"The computer version of Minecraft has now sold 14 million copies," tweeted Mojang CEO Markus Persson. "Celebrating by having no idea how to play Lego marvel on ps4!"

Minecraft has set many records on different platforms. The mobile version hit 10 million units sold last May and the Xbox 360 version hit eight million units sold last summer. Minecraft sold more than 15 million units across all platforms in 2012.

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HylianSwordsman (on 03 February 2014)

33 million...and not stopping anytime soon...Minecraft is gonna be second only to the Wii Sports games...

Michael-5 (on 03 February 2014)

For PC + Mobile + 360, 14 + 10 + 8 million >> 15 million. What exactly is "all platforms"?

Slarvax (on 03 February 2014)

It has sold 32 million in total for all platforms. It sold 15 million in all platforms during 2012.

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