3DS vs PlayStation Vita – VGChartz Gap Charts – November 2013 Update - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 23 December 2013 / 14,768 Views

Welcome to the VGChartz Gap charts. The charts will be updated monthly and each article will focus on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation, as well as comparing the 8th generation consoles.

3DS vs DS – VGCharts Gap Charts

3DS Vs. PlayStation Vita Global:

Gap change in latest month: 1,733,174 – 3DS

Gap change over last 12 months: 12,427,271 – 3DS

Total Lead: 32,350,571 – 3DS

3DS Total Sales: 38,909,426

PlayStation Vita Total Sales: 6,558,855

In the latest month the gap grew another 1,733,174 units in favor of the 3DS. The current gap at the end of November 2013 is 32,350,571 and is showing no signs of shrinking. Also over the last 12 months the 3DS has sold 12.43 million more units than the Vita.

The 3DS did beat the PlayStation Vita to the market by 10 months. The 3DS launched in February 2011, while the Vita launched in December 2011. The 3DS has sold 38.91 million units, while the Vita has sold 6.56 million units.


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Teriol (on 23 December 2013)

the gap will only increase month by month, until the end of this gen.

Michael-5 (on 23 December 2013)

And when the 3DS is doscontinued, then Vita will outsell 3DS a bit right? Kinda like how PSP is outselling the DS now?

  • 0
Athena (on 29 December 2013)

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  • 0
Michael-5 (on 23 December 2013)

Wow, 3DS sold 11.2 million in the 10 months before Vita's launch. Vita hasn't even been able to sell that many units in 2 years!

chidori-chan2 (on 24 December 2013)

I just look back at how everyone thought the 3DS was doomed ps fanboys sayng psvita will crush 3DS and then look at it's 40 million in sales in this days.

late_release (on 24 December 2013)

I don't remember any "Ps fanboy" saying that only because it's obvious 3ds has better sales. Still I prefer my Vita's software. Just personal taste

  • -1
Devil_Survivor (on 26 December 2013)

Then you have been living under a rock since March 2011 :P.

  • +1
chase123 (on 23 December 2013)

Not surprising since most of PS Vita's exclusives are barely recognized by the masses (bad advertising),games like gravity rush,tearaway,soul sacrifice,unit 13,wipout 2048,uncharted golden abyss,killzone mercenary,persona 4 golden etc are some of the great exclusives of the PS Vita,but are not recognized.While the 3DS has Mario,pokemon etc which are established franchises which don't even need advertising in order to be recognized,and because games make a platform,no one knows what the ps vita offers in terms of games.Thus the low sales.

z101 (on 24 December 2013)

The 3DS has many more games beside Pokemon. Like Resident Evil, Fire Emblem, Castlevania, Monster Hunter, Bravely Default ...

Of course the 3DS has many great games without big names too, far more than the Vita. And that is why the 3DS sells so well: It has many great games, from blockbuster to niche. The vita has only few, and they are not selling well.

  • +3
Captain_Yuri (on 23 December 2013)

This is becoming as bad as the wiiu vs wii comparison if not worse

Dannyson97 (on 23 December 2013)

Well to be fair the Wii was a phenomenon and not many consoles could match it's booming sales.

  • +4
Nintentacle (on 23 December 2013)

It's a lot worse.

  • +2
Vjoe90 (on 26 December 2013)

Top 10 Vita/3ds exclusives (Without remakes) by metascores 1) FE Awakening (3ds) 2) Zelda ALBW (3ds) 3) Super Mario 3d land (3ds) 4) Little big planet vita (Vita) 5) Pokemon X (3ds) 6) Taeraway (Vita) 7) Luigi's mension DM (3ds) 8) Bravely default (3ds) 9) Mario kart 7 (3ds) 10) Etrian Odyssey IV/Ys: Memories of Celceta (3ds/Vita) No surprise