Dance Central Developer Harmonix Hit with Layoffs - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 December 2013 / 5,105 Views

Developer for Dance Central and Rock Band, Harmonix, has been hit with layoffs. While no exact number was given, it is known that it was just a small number of employees laid off. Harmoix currently has more than 150 employees.

"We can confirm that a small number of Harmonix employees were let go today," a spokesperson told Gamasutra, confirming Twitter reports. "This decision was made due to shifting staffing priorities for Harmonix's multiple future projects."

Fantasia: Music Evolved is the only known game Harmonix is currently developing. The game is being developed for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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Zappykins (on 12 December 2013)

The tracking, voicing recognition of the Dance Central games evolved to where it is very, very good. Unfortunately, they also seemed to find many of the worst songs available. Never understood why you would make a dance game with some horrid music.

mpaktur (on 10 December 2013)

Ubisoft has had no problem with the numerous iterations of their Just Dance titles. Harmonix was foolish enough to take Microsofts money and going Xbox-exclusive when they could've been getting millions of more sales by releasing their Dance Central titles on the Wii and PS3.

Ganoncrotch (on 10 December 2013)

They kinda hurt themselves with so many Dance Central games, we got the first one when Kinect launched paid 40euros for it, by the time we figured was time to get a new game and went to look for DC2, number 3 had already came out so the 2nd game had been reduced to 7euros in gamestop. When it comes to dancing games on the kinect platform that is one over saturated market right now, they killed their own market.