Xbox 360 Sales Pass the Wii in the US - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 November 2013 / 13,852 Views

The Wii took off when it launched in November 2006. Sales quickly eclipsed the Xbox 360, despite launching a year later. Sales slowed down after a few years and now after seven years the Xbox 360 has passed passed the lifetime sales of the Wii in the US, according to the latest VGChartz sales data. This makes the Xbox 360 the bestselling 7th generation home console in the region.

The Xbox 360 has sold 41,336,970 units lifetime in the US, while the Wii has sold 41,322,951 units. The Xbox 360 has also sold the most software in the US with 460.11 million games sold. There have also been 431.08 million games for the Wii and 289.98 million games sold for the PlayStation 3.

This is not the first time the Xbox 360 has topped the Wii in a region. At the end of March the Xbox 360 topped the Wii in the UK, which made it the bestselling 7th generation home console in the region.

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shikamaru317 (on 26 November 2013)

This was expected. The PS3 will pass the Wii in Europe as well, sometime.

prayformojo (on 26 November 2013)

That's a hell of a feat considering at one point, the Wii was unstoppable.

GdaTyler (on 26 November 2013)

Soon we'll get one with PS3 passing Wii in Europe with only about a 1 million to go. Totally achievable.

kensredemption (on 01 December 2013)

I'm pretty sure Nintendo's decision to stop manufacturing Wiis had something to do with this. Either way, one would expect more enthusiasm over the XBO holding a torch to the Wii U. Meh...

tripenfall (on 29 November 2013)

Xbox is a true force to be reckoned with in the US. However Japan remains a real problem for them. Sony has the power in Europe, Microsoft will be keen to expand their market share in this generation throughout the continent.

binary solo (on 27 November 2013)

This has been a funny old generation. When these 3 consoles stop selling there will be regional differences in the winning console: 360 in Americas and UK, Wii in Japan, PS3 everywhere else (PS3 has already won the generation in "Rest of World") so that just leaves continental Europe to fall to PS3 some time in 2014. What gives Wii the global win is that it'll be the number 2 console everywhere, except Japan where it's number 1.

WebmasterX (on 27 November 2013)

x360 the best consle ever since Genesis-supernes and dreamcast

eliasg (on 02 December 2013)

true story

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Rustynail (on 27 November 2013)

Now there's only Europe and the rest of the world left and it has surpassed the Wii totally. Let's hope it'll do that to the PS3 too.

zhao3gold (on 27 November 2013)

I think NPD will show different numbers. X360 will be surpass Wii, but I don't think this will happen by this year. VGChartz US numbers seems a bit of off.

Dv8thwonder (on 27 November 2013)

Took them long enough.

Seece (on 28 November 2013)

That doesn't even make sense.

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Seece (on 26 November 2013)

Still 1.5m to go unfortunately, will do it Late December or January.

Michael-5 (on 26 November 2013)

oooo pretty.

wangjingwanjia (on 26 November 2013)

But the Wii has been discontinued for a year now, right? And the Xbox 360 was released a year before the Wii, so technically the Xbox 360 has passed Wii with two more years on the market. Just to give the figures a fair comparison. :) Other than that it's great to see that consoles sell so well!

wangjingwanjia (on 27 November 2013)

Did I get a thumbs down because I asked a question when Wii was discontinued, that I pointed out a longer lifetime for Xbox 360 or that I said it's good that consoles sell well? I'm confused.

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Lollipopanon (on 27 November 2013)

Probably the comparison. People rush to conclusion and think you are bashing, I suppose. But I agree with you.

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Barozi (on 27 November 2013)

Just because a new console has been released doesn't mean that the old system is discontinued. Last time I looked on the charts the Wii is still selling.

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steviej (on 27 November 2013)

Wii still sells in North America. It was recently announced that Wii sales stopped in Europe

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wangjingwanjia (on 27 November 2013)

Barozi: Oh I see, I read on Wikipedia that Wii had been discontinued. Maybe should not believe everything I read.

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DialgaMarine (on 26 November 2013)

Still the lowest selling console of the 7th gen, overall.

existenz2 (on 27 November 2013)

Yes so this "victory" over the wiiu is meaningless. In my street the 360 dominates homes lol. It is still last, behind everyone, the rear console worldwide

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gtcarro (on 27 November 2013)

Good job for the Lowest selling console of the 7th gen !

superhippy420 (on 27 November 2013)

It must be nice to make millions on replacement consoles because the originals were trash.

Acesonnall (on 27 November 2013)

Ummm, good job Microsoft, it only took a years head start and practically no software support for the Wii for the last two years for the 360 to beat the Wii.

concity06 (on 29 November 2013)


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TheSource (on 26 November 2013)

It's been a while since I've looked at the VGC US numbers, but I know X360 has yet to pass 40m in the US by NPD figures - so it will probably be a while before this is considered an "official result" in the industry - especially since November was likely a very quiet holiday month for the older consoles with Black Friday coming so late in the year. The major spikes always follow after BF. I'm sure we'll get an announcement from Microsoft sometime around NPD Nov or NPD Dec - 40 million is a major milestone for the US market - pretty rare feat. Just GB, PS2, GBA, Wii and X360 have done it - NES and PS1 and the others were far lower.