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Pokémon X/Y Day 1 Sales Set 3DS Record - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 14 October 2013 / 77,928 Views

Pokémon has been one of Nintendo's biggest franchises since the original was released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy. Pokémon X/Y for the 3DS is the latest game to be released for the franchise. It was released worldwide on October 12.

The game reached nearly 400,000 pre-orders in the US. Day 1 sales have set a 3DS record hitting 5.5 million units. This is also the biggest opening for an exclusive in 2013 and the second biggest opening overall all this year. It was only beaten out by Grand Theft Auto V which sold 17.5 million units in its opening week. However, this was across two platforms.

Biggest Week One Openings in Gaming History

The game was released in a Saturday the final day of the week, so day one sales are also week one. When you look at the biggest opening weeks of all time, Pokémon X/Y is the eighth biggest and the second biggest exclusive opening of all time. The only exclusive to have a bigger opening was Pokémon Black /White for the DS. It ended up selling 6.77 million units week one.

Stay tuned to VGChartz for the latest Pokémon X/Y and 3DS sales figures.

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ryuzaki57 (on 15 October 2013)

I was right. Nintendo said 4 millions. So much for the dudes who voted me down...

aikohualda (on 14 October 2013)

october 2014????? and 5.5 for a single day? not a week but a day?... considering it is WW release :) more information need to be included in this article....

Just_Rocco (on 14 October 2013)

Co-sign. How can single day numbers be mixed in with full week numbers in that chart? If PXY did 5.5 million in a single day, it will easily take the title of biggest exclusive title launch of all time by week's end.

  • -4
the_dengle (on 14 October 2013)

But... it released on a Saturday... that one day WAS the whole week...

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dsage01 (on 15 October 2013)

I guess its out of this top 10 list now

Paul (on 15 October 2013)

I bought 1 twomillionth of all the units sold week one.

piggychan (on 14 October 2013)

hopefully this will make Nintendo Tonnes of money. I'm also really amazed at the online wifi aspect and how many people I have encountered too globally.

thetonestarr (on 14 October 2013)

How do we already have release numbers for Pokemon X/Y? It doesn't come out for another year!

Screamapillar (on 14 October 2013)

Are you serious??

  • +1
Bajablo (on 14 October 2013)

it was a joke.. check the date in the chart above ;)

  • +2
Rogerioandrade (on 14 October 2013)

5.50 worldwide, that is. And it could´ve been even bigger, if there weren´t shortages everywhere (in my country there were long lines everywhere to buy it and lots of people dissapointed everywhere for not getting a copy). And it probably WAS bigger, because many people opted to buy it digital instead of retail

dsage01 (on 15 October 2013)

I guess its out of this top 10 list now

Qubie (on 15 October 2013)

shame on you, vgchartz: Nintendo: Pokémon X & Pokémon Y Sell More Than 4 Million Units Worldwide In First Two Days

S.Peelman (on 14 October 2013)

Pretty good. Could be up to 6m including digital. Not strange it sold under Black/White, when that came out the DS had like 4 times the userbase. Compared to the more similar Diamond/Pearl (which beat B/W at the end of the day), X/Y did extraordinary! Let's hope those sales keep up and it becomes the first Pokémon in a long to cross 20m :-)!

Breakspear (on 15 October 2013)

Actually it mentions Black / White's opening was for one week and sold 6.77mil. But X/Y in one day sold 5.5m, so it's even more extraordinary!

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ljlrj (on 14 October 2013)

one day only beast mode, never dying

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Paul (on 14 October 2013)

I bought two for my nephews, don't play kids games myself.

  • -12
EricFabian (on 14 October 2013)

maybe you can try someday. It is not exacly a kiddy game

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teamsilent13 (on 15 October 2013)

lol nintendo fanboys downvoted you into oblivion.

  • -1
ryuzaki57 (on 14 October 2013)

Care to elaborate? Opening is between 120 and 160K in the UK. With only 400K preorders in the US you don't reach 5.5 m sales with let's say 2m in Japan.

  • -12
abroZ (on 14 October 2013)

Nintendo games rarely have high pre order numbers. Btw Europe has more countries than UK alone. France and Germany tend to be more Nintendo oriented than the UK. 2.5 million in Japan, 2 million in the USA and 1.5 million in Europa seems perfectly plausible.

  • +7
MDMAlliance (on 14 October 2013)

This is a reply to abroZ, and I don't mean to be that guy but your math doesn't add up to the number up in the chart. Your number adds up to 6m, the chart says 5.5m. However, I do wonder how accurate the number for Pokemon is anyway. This is coming from VGC numbers which are estimates anyway (and don't include digital).

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errorpwns (on 16 October 2013)

I bought the game without preordering it. I forgot it came out so soon so I rushed to pick it up.

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