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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 16 November 2013 / 13,267 Views

PS4 VS. Xbox One: Who will have better releases?

Sony and Microsoft have drawn battle lines for the coming console war, and combat is already heated. Sony has mocked Microsoft openly for their fixation on TV and the DRM that they have since scaled back. The hardware is virtually identical. The price puts Sony in the lead, but not by much. Sony's Playstation+ network of free games is amazing, but Microsoft is pushing to make Xbox Live just as enticing. In the end, it might just come down to exclusive titles. Both companies push their exclusives to entice buyers, but which side actually has the lead?

In Sony's Corner

Sony promises more developers working on exclusive titles than Microsoft, but much of their information is still under wraps. As with many hyped-up launch titles, much of it might evaporate as the release date grows near. What they have released so far is interesting, however. Killzone: Shadow Fall scratches the FPS itch with another game in the franchise. InFamous: Second Son is the third game in its series as well, offering updated graphics and a host of new powers.

Knack is a game following in the footsteps of hits like Jak and Daxter, a cartoonish action platformer with plenty of charm. Drive Club is Sony's offering in the racing genre, with an innovative social racing team development. The indie side of things has the new game from the creators of Bastion called Transistor, which looks beautiful.

Sony brings their own historic system seller to the table as well with an interesting trailer for Final Fantasy 15, which could bring new life to the series that struggled with the poor reception of FF13 and the MMO FF14.

Microsoft's Showing

Microsoft may have fewer exclusives so far, but that doesn't mean they're any less impressive. Ryse: Son of Rome looks to be an answer to God of War with historical combat, quicktime driven action sequences and interesting Kintect integration. Quantum Break has the potential to be incredibly innovative when it comes to gaming, with a game-and-television storytelling premise that will make or break the game. Forza 5, of course, presents a solid offering to racing fans. In the zombies front, Dead Rising 3 looks to be one of the few games that does massive hordes of zombies and does them well.

Indie developers historically love the Xbox Live Arcade, though not without some reservations, mostly in the ability to push through patches. Below is an interesting roguelike from Capybara that could offer hours of gameplay.

Of course, no mention of Xbox exclusives is complete without Halo and TitanFall. If you're a fan of destructive first person shooters, Microsoft is the way to go.

Make the Choice

Which system will you get when release day hits? With virtually identical systems and many games coming to both -- Destiny, Watch Dogs and Call of Duty: Ghosts come to mind -- the decision will ride on the exclusives, as well as other factors that come along with large financial decisions. No doubt at least some of these games will come to the other system or to the PC within a year or two of their initial release, but who wants to wait that long?

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StolenObsolete (on 01 August 2013)

Oh and this bit "Sony brings their own historic system seller to the table as well with an interesting trailer for Final Fantasy 15, which could bring new life to the series that struggled with the poor reception of FF13 and the MMO FF14." Final fantasy XV is not an PS4 exclusive just so you know =)

Swinny (on 31 July 2013)

You forgot PlanetSide 2, War Frame, DC Universe Online and BlackLight Retribution for PS4. Personally, i can't support Microsoft without feeling that im funding the death of gaming. Its clear where their passion is, what they're vision of the future is and who they had in mind when they made their console, and its not us. Anybody who says otherwise is in denial, period. Secondly, Ryse was annoying to watch because the QTE's were so frequent that you can't even call it a game. Dead Rising has always been a below average game, only now its a below average game thats lost all of its charm and added lots of ....brown. Killer Instinct, a beloved franchise of mine, looks great! But i'm sceptical, i am looking forward to PlanetSide on PS4, but thats because its a proven game, whereas i look at Killer Instinct and all i see is the terrible developer behind it and the fact that i've never played a good free to play game. Forza is quite possibly the only good game here. On top of all this, the machine can't compete with PS4 in performance or price, and while Sony will keep the exclusives rolling throughout the entire generation, Microsoft will forget about exclusives after 2-3 years, and they've already proven me right with their past two systems. Since 2010, 360 has had only 9-10 exclusives, PS3 has had 60+, thats 3 games a year for the Xbox, and 20 a year for the PS3. Oh and, RROD anybody? Faulty hardware? Remember they were forced to give you a 3 year warrenty on the damn thing? Not because they wanted to look after their customers, but because they were taken to court. In conclusion, Microsoft has shown their true colours time and time again, they're not passionate for games or gamers, they release faulty hardware that they cant support decently for more than 2-3 years, and they treat their own customers like the scum of the earth. No thanx.

StolenObsolete (on 01 August 2013)

...i'm sorry, i must have missed the part on this web page that was all about ripping the Xbox One. Personally none of the PS4 exclusives do anything for me. So i will be getting the Xbox One for theirs, but i will be getting the PS4 at a later date.

  • 0
Swinny (on 01 August 2013)

And i was holding back, i could of gone alot deeper. Good to see that you can't actually debunk anything iv'e said though :-)

  • 0