Mojang's Scrolls Tops 100,000 Sold in Beta - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 23 July 2013 / 3,865 Views

Mojang, the developer behind the hit indie title Minecraft, has announced that its latest title Scrolls has sold more than 100,000 units to date. The title was released early last month for the PC and Mac.

"100K Scrolls games sold! WOOHOOO!" Tweeted developer Henrik Pettersson.

The game is available for $20, which puts revenue around $2 million to date.

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areason (on 23 July 2013)

Haven't seen any footage of this yet, yet it sells 100k.

sniper989 (on 23 July 2013)

TotalBiscuit did some good gameplay footage of it

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think-man (on 23 July 2013)

Same here.

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sniper989 (on 23 July 2013)

revenue would likely be higher because it has microtransactions

Panama (on 24 July 2013)

Bought it as I love TCGs. It's got some depth to it, but you really start to see the flaws with the gameplay once you have access to the limited card set. Once it's out of beta and has a more expansive card set, I imagine it'll be better.

JazzB1987 (on 24 July 2013)

LOOL. 1 single Idiot makes some innovative game and when he suddenly is millionaire and has a shitload of helpers/programmers etc the only thing he comes up is a "basically" mobile phone game thats totally redundant because there is 100 games out there that work the same. Plus it has micro transactions THIS PROVES THAT MONEY FUCKS UP EVERYTHING AND DESTROYS INNOVATION!