Rumor: Microsoft to Allow Indies to Self Publish on the Xbox One - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 July 2013 / 6,015 Views

A developer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has told Gamereactor that Microsoft may be changing its publishing policies for the Xbox One. Right now a developer needs a publisher whether it is Microsoft or a third-party publisher in order to release a game on the Xbox One.

However, this policy could change for indie developers. The new policy would allow the small indie developers self publish their titles on the Xbox One, while the larger independent developers will still need a publisher. There will also be a selection process involved. Though, what it is is not known yet.

The developer is also talking with Microsoft about lowering the price of devkits for indie developers. Devkits currently cost $10,000, which is a lot for small developers.

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Sensei (on 11 July 2013)

Microsoft must hate Sony SO MUCH right now. They're being forced to follow up on so many things they didn't want to do, just to remain competitive.

Ganoncrotch (on 14 July 2013)

its not so much hate Sony so much as hate consumer and privacy rights and Hate their fan base for saying FU to horrific plans for drm and invasion of your home.

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oniyide (on 17 July 2013)

i love it, ganoncrotch

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Just_Rocco (on 11 July 2013)

"The new policy would allow the small indie developers to self publish their titles on the Xbox One, while the larger independent developers will still need a publisher." Huh? This makes absolutely no sense.

Ganoncrotch (on 14 July 2013)

Wait... so the Xbox1 has done a 180 on the drm and a 180 on the indie devs being able to publish? So we're back to 360! now just need one more 180 and offer a version without Kinect and we're talking progress over the Xbox360 and we're talking sales.

Weedlab (on 12 July 2013)

Good but what constitutes "small" to them?

Ganoncrotch (on 14 July 2013)

Everyone else.

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avrwc2 (on 12 July 2013)

LOL. Don't forget Microsoft's motto: "your privacy is our priority" (true, yes?). Microsoft is such a trustworthy 'thing'. Ask the NSA.

Rawnchie14 (on 11 July 2013)

If both of these were true, it'd be the smart thing for Microsoft to do. More affordable SDK access without the need for publishers, results in more indie titles - which in turn makes the Xbox One more valuable and will push more sold consoles/revenue.

landguy1 (on 15 July 2013)

Most people don't understand the reason for the Publishers in the mix. This has to do with liability, if M$ makes them use a publisher, then the publisher has to do all of the background checking and verifying that the company is legit. I also let's M$ hold the publisher liable if it goes wrong somehow. Either way, this will allow for a lot of the smaller arcade/shovelware titles to reach your new high powered system.

Rankstrail (on 12 July 2013)

looks like they are desperate, Oddworld coming to Xbone?

Areal-Llort (on 12 July 2013)

I can see it now, more retarded indie games with horrible gameplay filling up the marketplaces.

Ganoncrotch (on 14 July 2013)

you mean more tower defense games to give out as games for gold?

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chuckyj1 (on 14 July 2013)

I would prefer not to allow self-publishing for indies. A flood of $h1ty games will be released across the gaming platform. Much like what is going to happen to the PS4.