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by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 July 2013 / 20,515 Views

Welcome to the ‘Top 10’ weekly feature. Each week we will be taking a look at the top 10 selling games in a particular genre, platform, most recent month, even sprinkling in the top 10 selling games from a past year. All sales specified will be worldwide, unless stated otherwise. If there is a particular top 10 you want to see leave a comment and it may be featured in a future top 10.

This week we will be looking at the top 10 selling Xbox 360 games (Updated to first half of 2013). Last week we looked at the top 10 selling Wii games (Updated to first half of 2013) and the week before that the top 10 selling games in 2008.

Top 10 Selling Xbox 360 Games

Looking at the top 10 bestselling Xbox 360 Games, two were released in 2007, one in 2008, one in 2009, three in 2010, one in 2011, and two in 2012.

The two titles released in 2007 sold a combined 20.69 million units or 50.345 million units on average per title.  The three titles released in 2010 sold a combined 43.57 million units or 14.523 million units on average per title. The two titles released in 2012 sold a combined 20.8 million units or 10.4 million units on average per title.

The top 10 bestselling Xbox 360 games sold a combined 123.38 million units. The top title, Kinect Adventures!, topped 20 million units sold. It is also bundled with every Kinect, whether it is stand-alone or with an Xbox 360.

The top six titles all sold more than 10 million units, while the entire top 10 has sold more than eight million units. While Halo: Reach and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are only selling 1,000 to 2,000 units per week, putting 10 million units sold out of reach, Halo 4 has an outside shot of crossing the 10 million mark. At its current sales rate it will take 80 weeks to reach the milestone. Sales may slow down a little bit during the summer months, but sales over the holidays should more than make up for it.

Looking at sales by publisher, four of the top 10 titles are first party, published by Microsoft, while six are third party. Five of the titles are published by Activision and one by Take-Two. Three of the four Microsoft titles are for the Halo franchise and the other is part of the Kinect line-up. The five Activision titles are all for the Call of Duty franchise.

 The four Microsoft titles sold a combined 49.74 million units or 40.3 percent of the total games sold in the top 10. The five Activision titles sold a combined 63.32 million units or 51.3 percent of the total games sold in the top 10.

Top 10 Selling Xbox 360 Games

The top 10 bestselling Xbox 360 games as a graph really shows how first person shooters is the strongest genre on the platform. Eight of the top 10 titles are an FPS. The two non-FPS titles are Kinect Adventures! and Grand Theft Auto IV.

If you look at the exclusives in the top 10 they are all first party titles. The bestselling third party exclusive is Gears of War 2 at number 14 with sales of 6.63 million units. The three main titles in the Gears of War franchise are also the bestselling third party exclusives for the Xbox 360.

Here are the sales outside the top 10: The top 22 titles sold more than five million units and the top 93 titles sold more than two million units.

The Xbox 360 has sold 77.70 million units to date and will easily cross 80 million sold by the end of the year. There have also been 765.79 million games sold for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has sold the most games for the Xbox 360, with 142.93 million. Electronic Arts has sold 138.41 games for the Xbox 360, Activision 124.25 million games, Ubisoft 63.17 million games, and Take-Two 55.35 million games. THQ has sold 33.71 million games for the Xbox 360, Capcom 27.05 million games, Bethesda 20.88 million games, Sega 19.66 million games, Warner Bros. 16.89 million games, and Square Enix 12.98 million games.

If you look at game sales by genre the shooter is by far the most popular with 233.66 million games sold for the genre. There have also been 145.57 million action games sold and 104.37 million sports game sold. There have been 61.40 million RPG games sold, 56.26 million racing games sold, 32.76 million fighting games sold, and 28.25 million adventure games sold.

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RedInker (on 09 July 2013)

I am actually surprised to see more than two franchises in this list. I was only expecting COD and Halo.

oniyide (on 09 July 2013)

thats what you got, i wouldnt really tout KA as it was bundled to all hell., but its pretty much COD/HALO which isnt surprising

  • -2
Ganoncrotch (on 10 July 2013)

shame that if Kinect adventures which is a pack in game with hardware wasn't on this list the number 11 game which would have made this list would have been Skyrim :(

IceHedge (on 10 July 2013)

I can't believe the overabundance of low-in-value DLC hasn't pushed away many other Call of Duty fans-the franchise is growing frighteningly fast. I started playing the series with Call of Duty 2, before it became Modern Warfare, and honestly hated the DLC even back then with multiplayer maps costing $20- I thought it was outrageously-highly priced. Things still haven't changed yet the series has been recycled since Modern Warfare. I was surprised to see Kinect Adventures that high on the list. I was really hoping to see Skyrim, Oblivion, or Mass Effect on the list, but they just didn't sell quite well enough. P.S. To StephenKing, I'm an American and don't love "violence/killing" nor do I prefer the FPS genre- so I would hardly consider that a fact.

AZWification (on 10 July 2013)

Let's see. Kinect Adventures? The Wii Sports of the Xbox 360. CoD? Game that just never fucking dies. Halo? Expected since the franchise was big ever since the original Xbox. GTA? Destroys Halo and CoD to a smaller extent in popularity.

StephenKing (on 09 July 2013)

Message to ItNetPro. The list aren't al the same but I do get your point :) This was the best list I found but it's not really been updated recently.

bad22 (on 11 July 2013)

4 exclusives PS3 will have zero exclusives selling 8 mn

mjk45 (on 16 August 2013)

Gran Turismo 5

  • 0
PsicloneX (on 10 July 2013)

wow not even a semi good comment in here.

StephenKing (on 09 July 2013)

This list proves to me one thing. Americans LOVE violence/killing and prefer FPS. You LOVE your x-box and if it isn't a FPS then it sure is a GTA, Madden, NBA,Tiger Woods, Baseball game etc. :) Much of the same on PS3 but all in all x-box and pc are a place where shooting games are most popular. I would say the range is bigger on PS3 and you have Nintendo as The Masters of Plattformers and family type games. I'm sure all next gen consoles will sell well but we will se much of the same trend on the x-box where FPS are being sold the most so if you want other type of games then PS4 or WiiU is for You :) Not saying that the x-box doesn't have other type of games but check out the most sold fanchises etc an you will see the facts that I write :)

Hydrocrush (on 10 July 2013)

truly a system that did horrible and look at all that shovelware cod this just shows microsofts exclusives are junk which only 4 are on the list

Pirateogta (on 10 July 2013)

It's very funny you say that considering the PS3's top 10 has only 1 exclusive on the list. Does that mean all of Sony's exclusives are junk? GTFO!

  • -1
Puppyroach (on 07 August 2013)

Well, the number of exclusives on the list doesn´t necessarily mean lower quality. PS3 has a lot of awesome games, but only made the top ten. Sales does not equal quality.

  • 0

Comments below voting threshold

Hydrocrush (on 09 July 2013)

truly a system that did horrible and look at all that shovelware cod this just shows microsofts exclusives are junk

SuperMarioWorld (on 09 July 2013)

The PS3 top 10 list would look pretty similar dude. You new to this site?

  • +2
oniyide (on 09 July 2013)

must be, four of those games are 360 exclusive, sure 3 of them are Halo but it is what it is

  • -1
ItNetPro (on 09 July 2013)

You are clueless, PS3's top ten list looks the same and has lower sales of each franchise then Xbox 360. Check your facts before speaking.

  • +1