The Last of Us Shipments Top 3.4 Million Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 July 2013 / 5,293 Views

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Naughty Dog's The Last of Us has shipped 3.4 million units worldwide in just its first three weeks. This figure includes both retail and digital sales. The game is the fastest selling PlayStation 3 title of 2013 to date and is exceeding sales expectations.

"These sales figures are a testament to the blockbuster quality of The Last of Us," said Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

"The teams at Naughty Dog are true visionaries and their storytelling capabilities are second to none, this title is an undisputed demonstration of that. SCE continues to be committed to delivering unique gameplay experiences that redefine the interactive entertainment industry and The Last of Us is a perfect example."

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WagnerPaiva (on 09 July 2013)

Best game I ever played.

Underworld (on 10 July 2013)

I thought it said 'sold' 3.4 million, not shipped?

bad22 (on 11 July 2013)

very low sales miles less than COD,GTA,RDR,Halo,BF3 .............

Underworld (on 12 July 2013)

Are you serious? 3.4 million is excellent, especially for an exclusive. All the games you listed are multiplats, except Halo, which is already a well established series with a big fan base. Comparing them is beyond stupid.

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Rankstrail (on 10 July 2013)

How can the digital download version be SHIPPED??

late_release (on 09 July 2013)

According to vgchartz I wouldn't say that....

DamnTastic (on 09 July 2013)

Do you know the difference between shipped and actually sold?

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Skrunch-a-tron (on 09 July 2013)

You can shut your mouth

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