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by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 June 2013 / 2,511 Views

Electronic Arts' COO Peter Moore has told Polygon that the company has not made a decision about its approach to the next generation DRM situation. He added that the company now considers the online pass a mistake.

"We're focused at this point in time in new games and our official position is, 'I'll get back to you,'" said Moore. "Sony have announced what they are going to do which is, y'know, business as usual, and then Microsoft are looking at allowing a publisher to opt-in, should they choose to do so. But if we opt in, do [Microsoft] charge a fee, and if so, how much? We have not internally even begun to sit down and answer those questions."'

Moore denied that EA aggressively lobbied for Sony and Microsoft to limit the sales of used games. He states that the used game market is important for the industry.

"I like the fact that someone can buy a physical game and see some equity in that game," Moore said. "That keeps GameStop vibrant and they are a great launch and marketing partner for us."

"EA has never had a conversation, and I have been present at all of them, with all of the manufacturers, saying you must put a system in place that allows us to take a piece of the action or even stop it. Absolutely incorrect," Moore continued.

"We will figure out what we need to do," added Moore. "I'm not trying to back-pedal but this thing just happened and we need to reconvene and hear what people think and talk to our retail partners and our first party partners. We had no idea what Sony was going to announce. We'll reconvene next week and figure it all out."

Moore was also asked about the online pass and the company eliminated it because it wasn't consumer friendly. It was caused more problems for the consumers and he admits it was a mistake for EA to ever use it. The consumer feedback told EA "that this thing gets in the way of a good experience."

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Ganoncrotch (on 12 June 2013)

Jesus for Microsoft to currently be able to make it seem like EA are the nice guys towards customers you know something is very very very wrong.

LiquorandGunFun (on 12 June 2013)

its funny to watch M$ and EA point at each other with the stink finger.

ListerOfSmeg (on 13 June 2013)

Translation= We thought we had Sony on board but when they backtracked it threw us for a loop so we are going to spend the next few weeks looking at our options and trying to figure out a way to convince people we had nothing to do with it. Our cancellation of online passes the day before the MS reveal was strictly a coincidence. We at EA are pretty sure you are all stupid and of course will believe anything we say.

Ganoncrotch (on 13 June 2013)

you forgot to announce the reveal of fifa 2020 and madden 2043!

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oniyide (on 12 June 2013)

The plot sickens

Captain_Tom (on 12 June 2013)

So MS really are just A-holes...