NCsoft YoY Profits Up 31% Due to Guild Wars 2 Success - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 May 2013 / 2,990 Views

NCsoft has released its financial report for its first quarter 2013. The company posted revenue of ₩184.9 billion ($166.2 million), which is up a massive 322 percent compared to the same quarter in 2012. Profits increased 31 percent to ₩52.3 billion ($47.0 million).

Of all the games sold 64 percent were sold in Korea, by far its biggest market. 13 percent of all the games sold were in North America, while eight percent were sold in Europe. Seven percent were sold in Japan and one percent were sold in Taiwan.

Guild Wars 2 sales have fallen since its release. The game made up 45 percent of the companies in the fourth quarter 2012, while it made up 21 percent in the first quarter 2013. However, Nah Seong Chan, NCsoft's managing director, did say that the company will be releasing a new expansion pack to help offset the falling Guild Wars 2 sales.

"In terms of box sales and microtransactions are still very strong," said Chan in the companies earnings conference call, "and of course we are preparing an expansion pack but in terms of when we will actually launch it, it's something we are still monitoring... We are looking to the performance of the game and then we will decide what will be the best time to do the launch."

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