StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Sells 1.1M Units in 2 Days - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 March 2013 / 3,501 Views

Blizzard has announced that the StarCraft II expansion Heart of the Swarm sold 1.1 million units in its first two days on sale. This figure includes both retail and digital sales. To compare, Wings of Liberty sold 1.2  million units at retail worldwide, according to VGChartz. It has since sold 3.9 million units at retail.

"We want to thank the global StarCraft community for the incredible passion and support they've shown for Heart of the Swarm," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "In addition to a brand-new single-player campaign, we added a ton of enhancements with this expansion to make StarCraft II even more fun to play, and more exciting to watch. We're pleased to see gamers and eSports fans around the world enjoying Heart of the Swarm."

More than 1.1 million viewers tuned into the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm MLG tournament, with a peak of more than 157,000 concurrent viewers. In addition, more than 1.1 million viewers tuned into Blizzard's 21 hour broadcasted launch event.

"StarCraft II has been a premier game at Major League Gaming events since Wings of Liberty was released," said Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO of Major League Gaming. "Heart of the Swarm has generated even more excitement, and we're all looking forward to what the future brings for StarCraft II eSports."

"StarCraft II has always been one of the most popular games on Twitch, and we've noticed a wave of new viewership since Heart of the Swarm launched last week," said Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch. "Viewer numbers are up just about across the board for the most popular StarCraft II pro-gamers and personalities who stream on Twitch."

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LiquorandGunFun (on 22 March 2013)

I really enjoy this game. No need to hate.

Mazty (on 22 March 2013)

SC2 took the last decade of RTS innovation and ignored it. On the grand scheme of RTS', it's outdated horrifically.

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lilwingman (on 21 March 2013)

lol @ the term eSport.

happydolphin (on 21 March 2013)

Holy shitballs.

Mazty (on 21 March 2013)

Proving people will by shit by the shovel load if it has a label attached to it, just like Nike or Apple.

Devil_Survivor (on 22 March 2013)

oh like Call of Duty lol? At least StarCraft isn't a yearly occurrence.

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Aj_habfan (on 22 March 2013)

Except it's not shit...

  • 0
Mazty (on 22 March 2013)

Two wrongs don't make a right & it is shit - go play DoW/SupCom/SoaSE and tell me SC2 isn't horrifically dated. Just like Nike - slap a badge on it and people will buy it.

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