Origin Reaches 40 Million Members - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 March 2013 / 3,726 Views

Electronic Arts has announced that its online service Origin service has passed 40 million members. This is up from 39 million at the end of 2012. The service also reached set a new record for the peak concurrent user following the release of SimCity. There were 1.3 million players logged on at the same time.

Electronic Arts is celebrating this milestone with the services first "Player Appreciation Sale." More than 200 titles will be on sale, with up to 70 percent off. The sale started on March 19 and will end on March 26. Battlefield 3 Premium, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, and FIFA 13 are among some of the titles are 50 percent off.

To compare, Valve's Steam service passed 50 million members in September 2012, according to Gamespot. Also the peak concurrent record is currently 5.7 million members online at the same time.

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Fusioncode (on 19 March 2013)

Thats what happens when you force gamers to get Origin.

greenmedic88 (on 20 March 2013)

Yep. The only reason Origin is even installed on my PC is because that was the only way I could play DD versions of certain EA games.

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LevelUP (on 20 March 2013)

Even if EA Origin were to hit 100 million members, much of their account is almost vacant, they don't even have half the purchasing power of steam, they will never have the matching number of concurrent users and the total number of exclusive publishers. Additionally with the large amount of malice towards EA and the scrutiny of angry fans, EA will never come out on top.

SwansVanTerif (on 19 March 2013)

Haha, 35 million of those are accounts from free mobile games. I have played a few EA mobile games lately, and the main objective seems to be fooling people into signing up for Origin. In reality, I think Steam has around 40 million users, and Origin has around 5-10 million, and the majority of those are only made because there was no other option. EA, Activsion and Capcom are hurting gaming. It's the axis of evil, and they can not go out of business fast enough. No gamer should buy a game from any of these publishers, as you will only be funding the degeneration of your hobby.

Ganoncrotch (on 21 March 2013)

I had to create an origin account the other day to be allowed butter some bread...

swii26 (on 20 March 2013)

I signed up a few months ago to check it out but I haven't downloaded or bought anything.

Bitfreak (on 20 March 2013)

I wonder how many users actually average being online? I usually see Steam at around 4 Million. Also good god the Origin website is so buggy!

Michael-5 (on 20 March 2013)

Yea, but how many Origin users actually use Origin? I believe I had to register so I could get all the achievements for Prince of Persia, and I may have purchased a hard copy of a game on Black Friday, but I don't really use Origin. Steam on the other hand, I have a dozen games or so for. I'd have more, but my PC is old, and outdated.

BaldrSkies (on 20 March 2013)

I want to think of it as 40 million people playing Battlefield 3.

dobby985 (on 19 March 2013)

I'm assuming this includes existing EA accounts on consoles.

Ganoncrotch (on 21 March 2013)

this includes anyone who has ever seen an EA logo.

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__XBrawlX__ (on 19 March 2013)

So basically, it was at 39 million, Simcity sells a little more than a million, they then have 40 million members, and set a record for over a million people online at the same time. That DRM sure came in handy eh? :P

Booyah (on 20 March 2013)

Are you technically a member if you can't get access to it? Imagine the WiiU launch if they used Origin lol