Free-to-Play Title Path of Exile Reaches 2M Players in 2 Months - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 March 2013 / 3,482 Views

Grinding Gear Games has announced that the beta for its game Path of Exile has reached two million registered players. The milestone was reached in just under two months. The beta launched on January 23. The game is expected to officially launch this September.

"We’re really pleased with Path of Exile’s reception. It blew our expectations out of the water and continues to grow every day," said Chris Wilson, producer for Grinding Gear Games. "The continued feedback and support from our fans has been great. We expect to add a lot of new content and features during the Open Beta period as we approach full release later this year."

Path of Exile is a free-to-play RPG that is set in a dark fantasy world. The game does feature micro-transactions. The game is being updating on a weekly basis. Also fans who have contributed at least $1,000 will have the chance in the development of virtual items.

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solidpumar (on 18 March 2013)

only cosmetics microtransactions. You can read the microtransaction section in the site. Game is awesome. And the beta is just a tag, is a released game, since there wont be any more server wipes.

maxspeeds (on 18 March 2013)


a08andan (on 15 March 2013)

I am just wondering, is this a P2W (Pay-to-win) or are the microtransactions just for cosmetics?`Tried finding the info ón the site, but it is a bit unclear :P

a08andan (on 15 March 2013)

F*** me. Found the info :D "The game is completely free and will never be "pay to win""

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GamingRendo (on 15 March 2013)

Path of Exile is not Pay to Win. They label their micro-transactions as ethical. The types of things you can purchase are cosmetic pets, modified skill effects, modified weapon appearances, modified equipment appearances, dance animations and account features such as more stash tabs, or additional character slots.

To sum up the game for anyone who quickly wants to know without researching much into it, if you loved Diablo 2 and were disappointed in Diablo 3, this is your game.

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Wiwefak (on 15 March 2013)

Mostly cosmetics and stash space. It isn't pay to win.

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Ssliasil (on 17 March 2013)

Purely cosmetic

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