Fire Emblem: Awakening Sells 180,000 Units in the US in February - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 14 March 2013 / 5,250 Views

Nintendo has told GamesBeat that the 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening has set a franchise record for biggest opening month in the US. The game sold 180,000 units in February. One third of that total or 63,000 units were sold digitally.

"Building off its 92 Metacritic score, Fire Emblem Awakening for Nintendo 3DS had the best first month sales in franchise history, selling more than 180,000 units — more than 117,000 at retail and more than 63,000 digital units," said Nintendo in a statement.

The current best selling Fire Emblem title in the US is Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. The game has managed to sell 250,000 units lifetime. In just 28 days Awakening has been able to sell 70 percent of that figure.

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LevelUP (on 15 March 2013)

the numbers would have been higher if they bothered shipping more copies to retailers.

cusman (on 15 March 2013)

Nintendo of America really screwed up distribution as usual. Just look at how Amazon displays upcoming Nintendo games with warnings about shipping on time, while Sony/Microsoft games get free release date delivery guarantees.

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Otakumegane (on 14 March 2013)

"The current best selling Fire Emblem title in the US is Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon".......????????

Smeags (on 14 March 2013)

I think it's a mistranslation. Here's the full quote:

Building off its 92 Metacritic score, Fire Emblem Awakening for Nintendo 3DS had the best first month sales in franchise history, selling more than 180,000 units (more than 117,000 at retail + more than 63,000 digital units). By comparison, the previous hand-held entrant in the franchise – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon – has sold a little more than 250,000 units life to date in the U.S. Fire Emblem Awakening sold 70 percent of that figure in just 28 days.

Notice that the report doesn't say anything about Shadow Dragon being the best selling FE in the US, just that it was the most recent handheld US FE release.

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Michael-5 (on 15 March 2013)

So William D'Angelo just did a shotty job copy and pasting an article. :-P

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Michael-5 (on 15 March 2013)

Uh... that's just wrong. Both Fire Emblems for GBA outsold Sacred Stones in North America, and by quite a bit too. The very first Fire Emblem localized sold 490,000 units in North America (not sure how much is USA, but probably around 450,000). Still, not bad. It would have done better if it wasn't sold out at all retailers in February.

Moonhero (on 17 March 2013)

After playing FE:A, I can see why the numbers are so high.

Bitfreak (on 15 March 2013)

I literally cannot wait for this to hit the UK, the wait is killing me D: Also fantastic sales for February :)

Michael-5 (on 16 March 2013)

And I'm still waiting on Pandora's Tower, 11 months later. At least you know it's coming, and at least you have nice coloured 3DS XL's to play it on. While I own FE:A, I refuse to buy it on a two toned blue/red 3DS XL>

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AIAS (on 15 March 2013)

Day 1 in the UK

acdcste (on 15 March 2013)

Its not out till the 19th april in the uk if thats what you meant.

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NoirSon (on 16 March 2013)

Would have sold more if Nintendo of America didn't screw up the shipment to retailers. It wouldn't do blockbuster numbers, but it probably would have gotten past 200k in the first month

ryuzaki57 (on 15 March 2013)

so VGchartz far overtracking again?

ECM (on 15 March 2013)

It would seem so, unless someone can provide compelling evidence that whomever wrote the press release for Nintendo is badly confused, since this number is on all the posts about this story on the web this AM.

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