Square Enix Opens New Mobile Studios in India and Mexico - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 07 March 2013 / 3,085 Views

Square Enix has opened up two new studios in India and Mexico, according to GamesIndustry International. The studios will be focused on developing games for mobile platforms. It is not known how many employees the studios will have.

"We (Square Enix) have set up offices in Latin America (Mexico) and India as we see good potential in both markets," reads a statement from the publisher. "Specifically we are looking to secure early entry into each market with newly developed mobile content. It's relatively early days for us there and we'll keep you updated."

India has great potential for growth with its population and it already has 19 million active smartphone devices in the country.

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darkknightkryta (on 07 March 2013)

They closed their newly built U.S. studios (where ever it was) for these... could have saved them money had they not built that U.S. studio in the first place.

MANUELF (on 07 March 2013)

I dont expect anything good coming from this

sethnintendo (on 07 March 2013)

Log on to VGC in 9 months to find out they are closing these mobile studios.

swii26 (on 07 March 2013)

Cheap labor may do the company some good.

happydolphin (on 07 March 2013)

Cheap labor = cheaper games? Maybe, maybe not.

How's the talent there? I know that depending on where you are, the talent and creativity varies. I'm not sure how ready these off-shore "body houses" can generate creativity.

It's possible they'll be used for more technical aspects, who knows. I just don't know how familiar some of these developing areas are in terms of creating content for the current audiences.

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irstupid (on 07 March 2013)

I thought there was just an article where SE stated they are going to concentrate on big budget console games and not mobile games.