Tecmo Koei Canada to Shut Down at the End of March - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2013 / 3,305 Views

Tecmo Koei Canada, the Toronto-based studio, will be shutting down at the end of March, according to a report by the Financial Post. The company did not state how many employees have been laid off due to the closure.

"It was definitely an interesting experience at Tecmo Koei Canada," said former employee of Tecmo Koei Harold Li. "We had a ton of talented people who put in their best efforts, and it’s unfortunate that things didn’t go as well as it could."

The closure came a shock to other Toronto-based studios, however many stated the developer kept a low profile. Tecmo Koei Canada was also only one of two major developers in Toronto until Ubisoft Toronto opened up in 2010.

The studio opened in 2001 and mainly focused on computer graphics for the company's headquarters in Japan. It didn't start developing its own games until 2005. The studio has developed titles for mobile platforms and games like Fatal Inertia and Warriors: Legends of Troy.

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thekitchensink (on 01 March 2013)

As an Ontarian, this makes me sad :( Though I admit I didn't know Tecmo had a Canadian branch until now.

think-man (on 01 March 2013)

They didn't really make anything good.

darkknightkryta (on 01 March 2013)

Yeah they didn't really make anything of note. Though I took their insanity entry level position test, I don't think you can hire too many creative people that way.

JOKA_ (on 02 March 2013)

Tell me more about this test

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Raze (on 04 March 2013)

Not Koei! Aerobiz will always have a special spot in the realm of unorthodox console gaming!

LevelUP (on 02 March 2013)

Oh boy... I expected this would happen. Most of their sales came from Japan, games like Dynasty Warriors and Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage are stagnant on western shores.

Trentonater (on 05 March 2013)

Not even Japan bought warriors: legends of troy.

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Nem (on 02 March 2013)

Well, not to be mean, but they made crap games.