Origin Goes Live for Mac, Nears 40 Million Users - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 February 2013 / 2,240 Views

Electronic Arts digital service Origin has gone live today for the Mac. There are about 50 titles available for the service on Mac, including Batman: Arkham City and Dragon Age 2. The service also includes cloud save storage.

Electronic Arts also announced that the service has nearly reached 40 million registered users for the PC and iOS. This is up from the 30 million users in October 2012. However it is not known how many of these are active users.

Electronic Arts also offers "Dual-Play" for select titles. When you purchase the title on Origin for one platform, the title will be free for the other platforms on Origin.

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strike101 (on 11 February 2013)

as if most users willingly installed origin , it was a mandatory install for most EA games , it's like microsoft boasting windows 8 sales.. whereas most people who bought a new computer was complaining about it and requesting downgrade to Win7

Ganoncrotch (on 12 February 2013)

it would be more like Microsoft boosting sales of windows CE back in the dreamcast era when a load of games on the Dreamcast were powered by it, it's not that people cared or wanted that service, it just happened to be what powered the games underneath.

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SwansVanTerif (on 11 February 2013)

If a game requires "Origin" to be installed, I will not buy it.

Ganoncrotch (on 12 February 2013)

tpb versions of such games don't have the same requirements cough :D

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Ganoncrotch (on 12 February 2013)

lol I had to make an origin account to play Mass Effect 3 but after that game complete forgot what it was because I had made a new email address to link it to since I didn't want their spam emails offering junk 100000 times more expensive than anything on steam annoying me, so yeah I'm one user there o/ go EA u da best.

thewastedyouth (on 13 February 2013)

I hate Valve, they are going down!!!

Argh_College (on 11 February 2013)

i mean playing games on it. 1m at best.

Argh_College (on 11 February 2013)

i have to be in Origin to play Dead Space or any EA game so yes... lol. Probably 1 milion Active Users at best.

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Argh_College (on 11 February 2013)

lol i had Windows 7 and just upgrade to Windows 8. Hate about win 8 is non sense, only childish people are acting like that, its the best OS out there, 7 is a joke compared to it. much faster and safer.

halil23 (on 12 February 2013)

The force in the red hand is strong with this one. >_>

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Ganoncrotch (on 12 February 2013)

XP fo life!

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