Skylanders Franchise Smashes $1 Billion - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 February 2013 / 2,645 Views

In just 15 months since the first game in the franchise was released, the Skylanders franchise has reached $1 billion in revenue, according to Activision. This figures includes sales of the two games Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants, toys, and accessories.

More than 100 million toys have been sold for the franchise. The series also outsold many other top action figure series in the US and Europe, including Beyblade, Star Wars and Transformers.

"The Skylanders franchise became the first kids’ video game IP to cross the $1 billion mark in just 15 months4, and I think we are still just starting to realize its potential," said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

"We knew that the simple, but magical idea, of bringing your toys to life in a video game could change both the video game and the toy industries, and more importantly, change the way kids play. And this autumn, we’re looking forward to delivering to fans our latest break-through innovation, Skylanders Swap Force, which lets kids customize their own characters, bringing toys to life to a whole new level."

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Ganoncrotch (on 12 February 2013)

Having finished both of these games and used 22 of their toys to do so I have to admit the series is amazing and it absolutely prints money when it comes to these toys, they cost from 9-18euros and yeah each one of them is a unique fighter in a dungeon crawler.... also because if a toy dies in a dungeon you can't swap that toy in again until that stage is over I find myself having a collection of gill grunt toys because they are an awesome murloc design :D