Mojang Reports $240M in Revenue for 2012 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 February 2013 / 3,765 Views

Mojang, the Minecraft developer, has reported revenue of $237,7 million, according to information from passed onto GamesIndustry International. $101.4 million of the revenue came from license fees.

"It's almost hard to grasp," said Mojang CEO Carl Manneh in an interview with Arnroth. "It's easy to become a bit blind working at Mojang. Everything's happening so fast and it's going so well. One almost needs to pinch oneself to know it's for real."

"When we started Mojang in 2010 we made a budget for the first year," Manneh continued. "Three months later we just trashed it - it became totally irrelevant. We still have the same feeling now. There simply are no good ways to forecast how much money we are going to make."

"Minecraft is a power of its own now - it's just rolling," Manneh added. "We have so many markets where we are not very strong yet, where many play Minecraft but few have bought it simply because you can't use our online payment solution there. That's something we'll get our hands to during 2013."

Mojang announced at the beginning of the year that Minecraft sold 15 million units in 2012 and more than one million units Christmas week alone. Minecraft has also sold more than 20 million units lifetime across all platforms.

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man-bear-pig (on 01 February 2013)

Great sales and well deserved. I wonder how much of the $240m was profit...?

goddog (on 01 February 2013)

i hope someday they can work it out with ms to have xbla to pc cross play, but have and will continue to enjoy the game... look fwd to 1.5, and come play on our minecraft server

Wh1pL4shL1ve_007 (on 01 February 2013)

They deserved it. I know the money will be put in to good use... minecraft wise.

omringaren (on 02 February 2013)

According to the original article, profit was almost $92m.

luisvideogames (on 02 February 2013)

Minecraft is my GOTY every year! Mojang really struck gold with this game! I play it with my friends all the time, and turned most of them into Minecraft enthusiasts. I have the Mobile, Xbox 360 and PC versions! Can't get enough of it.

Heavenly_King (on 03 February 2013)

I dont see what is so good about minecraft, but good for them.

cusman (on 02 February 2013)

Hey some part my $10 that I spent on XBL became part of that $240 million. Your welcome Mojang.