Microsoft London Studio Named, to Help New Studios Grow - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 January 2013 / 4,940 Views

Microsoft announced at a press briefing that it has named its Soho-based studio Lift London and the studio will help other studios to grow. The studio was originally suppose to concentrate on tablets, but has since grown to cloud services.

DLaLa is the first studio to receive support from Lift London. DLaLa has a commercial agreement with Microsoft, however it will remain independent. Lift London is offering advice and is focusing on new start-ups.

"I wanted to create, from scratch, a 21st century studio – not a studio that would make retail games – but a studio that would make games for the cloud," said vice president of Interactive Entertainment business Phil Harrison. "I wanted to put together the most incredible talent for the studio."

"We think this expands our competitive map," added Harrison. "We're no longer just competing with the traditional console companies, but our competitive landscape includes the likes of Google, the likes of Amazon, it includes obviously the likes of Apple."

The studio is run by Lee Schuneman, who has 16 years of experience working at Rare. He did say that the studio is not limited in supporting Microsoft products. The studio is open to developing for other platforms.

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MARCUSDJACKSON (on 10 January 2013)

interesting name. i hope it lives up to it

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 10 January 2013)

i love that MS is being active in its approach to the market going forward, and like ioi in gamewise. MS is making me out t be a believer in them in the 8th gen war.

Ganoncrotch (on 10 January 2013)

lol true pioneers of gaming.

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