EA Founder Opens New Studio - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 January 2013 / 3,415 Views

Trip Hawkins, Electronic Arts Founder, has opened up a new studio based called If You Can, according to GamesIndustry. The studio is focusing on developing educational games, with the first titles to be released at the end of the year.

Former Moshi Monsters lead producer Ben Geliher will lead the studio. He has already begun hiring employees. Geliher has also worked with Bossa Studio and NaturalMotion.

"Great game development can take place anywhere in the world if you have the right people," Hawkins said. "If anything I’m disinclined to ramp up on the San Francisco area because it's so expensive and there's very high turnover with people switching companies. The culture and the lifestyle there is a little bit daunting."

"In the past there were countries like Ireland or Canada that were particularly attractive to game development because of government practices and tax credits and so on, but the European Union has done more to standardize that and benefits are becoming available in the UK," Hawkins continued.

The studio is based out of London, because Hawkins feels it has a high level of talent as well as creativity.

"The UK has always been one of the three countries that have done the most in the way of creativity in game design," Hawkins added. "There are a lot of other countries that have tried and haven't even come close. There’s a great legacy and talent in England."

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sethnintendo (on 11 January 2013)

5 years later EA buys the studio, ruins their IPs, and gets rid of any remaining talent.

ulieq (on 10 January 2013)


MARCUSDJACKSON (on 09 January 2013)

hoping for the best. this means handheld, mobile, and pc games.