Wii U Sells 308K Opening Weekend in Japan, 1M Worldwide Launch - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 December 2012 / 10,914 Views

Nintendo's new home console, the Wii U, managed to sell 308,000 units in its opening weekend, according to Famitsu. Two games topped 100,000 units: New Super Mario Bros. U and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. New Super Mario Bros. U sold 171,000 units, while Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate managed 110,000 units. Nintendo Land sold 78,000 units.

As a comparison, the Wii sold 363,000 units in its opening weekend in Japan, according to VGChartz data. Wii Sports topped 182,000 units. As for Nintendo's handhelds the DS sold 459,000 units during its launch and the 3DS 374,000 units.

The Wii U sold 187,000 units in Europe, including 43,000 units in the UK. Nintendo also managed to sell 462,000 units of the Wii U in the US, which brings its Worldwide launch totals to about one million units.

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SOLIDSNAKE08 (on 11 December 2012)

decent opening.

zippy (on 11 December 2012)

Go WiiU!!!!!!!!

swii26 (on 11 December 2012)

Nice to see it hit 1 million after global launch!! Now keep up the momentum!

cusman (on 12 December 2012)

So the Wii U software sales are overall higher than the same for Wii at launch? Who cares if the hardware is slightly less then? I mean hardware sells at a loss and games = money for developers and enjoyment for people that bought them.

ljlrj (on 11 December 2012)

go wiiu, and btw already gonna pass vita

DemoniOtaku (on 11 December 2012)

Pass PSVita where?

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VGKing (on 11 December 2012)

957k to be exact.

happydolphin (on 11 December 2012)

Let's say "Danne was pretty close" ;)

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Michael-5 (on 11 December 2012)

462,000 is the number of units sold in the US according to the article. The total you have only includes USA, Europe and Japan, but not the rest of the world.

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jlrx (on 11 December 2012)

according to one report from Nintendo the US number was 475


Take that for what its worth

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pezus (on 12 December 2012)

@jlrx: 475k was about Wii numbers. They said 425k for WiiU, don't know where the numbers in this article here come from

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pezus (on 12 December 2012)


So 425k+308k+189k(again, where did this number come from? It's 179k on the front page and I don't see any numbers coming from Nintendo about Europe) = 922k

Add the rest of the world and it likely pipped just over 1m

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pezus (on 12 December 2012)

Are the Europe numbers directly from Nintendo?

pezus (on 12 December 2012)

And where does the 462k in US come from? They confirmed that it was 425k themselves

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itsyounghavok (on 11 December 2012)

Thinking it might top 2 or 3 million before the year is out. I have one and I love this console. The gamepad is amazing

Michael-5 (on 11 December 2012)

Wow!!! Wii Sports selling ,000 units opening week! Amazing

trunkswd (on 11 December 2012)

lol whoops. Edited and fixed

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__XBrawlX__ (on 11 December 2012)

So a great opening in Japan?? :)

Teriol (on 12 December 2012)

1 million WiiU... very good things are looking good

Joaco <3 N64 (on 11 December 2012)


DélioPT (on 11 December 2012)

I think it`s a strong launch with a few really good and long selling titles - which any console needs to sell itself.

happydolphin (on 11 December 2012)

*Wii Sports topped 180,000units

ryuzaki57 (on 12 December 2012)

Decent launch I guess, the following weeks will show if the success is genuine.

DustofNations (on 12 December 2012)

Proof that Nintendo diehards will buy any garbage that has Big N slapped on it. Welcome to the 7th generation Nintendo! Mod edit: This post has been moderated. Shazaam! -Smeags

Smeags (on 12 December 2012)

This post has been moderated. :)

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BuckStud (on 12 December 2012)

Have you even played one? If not, your opinion doesn't mean much. I have one along with ever other currently available system and it is really great. The second screen ads a lot to the game play experience. Stop acting like a spoiled little kid.

  • +3
Metallicube (on 13 December 2012)

You're just jealous that Nintendo now has a console that is more powerful than yours (unless you have like a $1000 gaming rig) and it's just eating you up inside.. Enjoy your 7 year old 360 or 6 year old PS3, UR SO HARDCOREZ BRO!

  • +2
tripenfall (on 12 December 2012)

The eighth generation has begun! Sony and Microsoft will be playing catch up.......again

Mazty (on 12 December 2012)

Catchup with a console that plays carbon copy ports of there 6+ year old hardware? Seems like it's Nintendo who are playing catch up.

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GuyDuke (on 12 December 2012)

Still it's gonna kick asses just like the Wii did. It's about experience, not graphism. Someday we'll hit a wall and we won't be able to do better because it will cost too much.

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Ganoncrotch (on 12 December 2012)

haha gotta love "redundant gimmick" just like the 2nd screen on their 150million unit selling DS or the motion control on the near 100million selling wii yeah? If at any point you feel the word Gimmick slipping into a post regarding why Nintendo stuff sells a ton as a bad thing should probably just bit your lip and wish your own company of choice had a sales "gimmick"

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Raze (on 11 December 2012)

Confused as to why the sales charts on the main page have the Wii U at 141k sold in North America. Am I missing something?

BuckStud (on 11 December 2012)

That was for the second week, not the launch week.

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