Behemoth Co-Founder: XBLA Responsible for Indie Console Popularity - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 December 2012 / 4,622 Views

Behemoth co-founder John Baez, the studio behind the Xbox Live Arcade title Castle Crashers, speaking with the Official Xbox Magazine, has said that popularity of indie games on consoles is thanks to the Xbox Live Arcade Service. Castle Crashers has gone on to sell more than two million units.

"I think without a doubt the indie console community would not exist as it does today if Xbox Live Arcade had been dropped after the original Xbox iteration," said Baez. "No other console hardware manufacturer has had the success of downloadable games that XBLA has had, and many smaller developers have shared in that success."

"I don't believe Microsoft was prepared for the success that it would see, both in terms of the number of devs who were on board, and the volume of people who would browse the marketplace," said Dave Voyles, co-organizer of the annual Xbox Live Indie Games Uprising. "Before XBLIG, and even after, there has yet to be an easy avenue for independent devs to get work released without going through a closed platform or dealing with a publisher."

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axumblade (on 04 December 2012)

Overall, I agree. WiiWare and PSN have some great titles but to be honest, I use my 360 mainly for games I couldn't get on the PSN at the time of releases or at all in some cases (Castle Crashers, Raskulls, Limbo. Braid, Bastion, Super Meat Boy, etc.) Granted, I mainly use Steam now for most of these games, but the 360 did pull me in because of the indie games.

Ganoncrotch (on 05 December 2012)

would say Meat Boy and limbo were my first indie games played. Both from XBLA

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BuckStud (on 04 December 2012)

I'm pretty sure that the App Store and Google Play have done far more for Indie developers than XBLA has.

enrageorange (on 04 December 2012)

Jeez, are people really not even reading the thread titles anymore.

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ironmanDX (on 04 December 2012)

It's obvious this "buckstud" knows better than someone heavily involved with the Indie industry... Jeez...

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Ganoncrotch (on 05 December 2012)

He is pretty sure tho, that's all I needed.

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