Two Creature Studios Opens its Doors, Run by Ex-Bioshock Devs - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 November 2012 / 7,538 Views

A new studio has opened up in Dundee by former Bioshock and Crackdown developers, according to Develop. The new studio will focus on developing games for the iOS and is working on games for the iPad and iPhone. The studio is called Two Creature Studios.

The studio opened up earlier this month and currently has 16 developers working on its first iOS title Cuckoo Corner which will be released in March 2013. Richard Albon who was previously the art director for Bioshock 2 is the CEO of the studio, while ex Realtime Worlds lead artist Tahir Rashid is the CCO.

"At the moment, we are focusing on iOS platforms, expanding to the other mobile platforms next year," said CEO Richard Albon. "Toward the end of 2013, we intend to be ramping up on a very large scale mobile game that we have had in the works for some time."

"We have had decades as console and PC triple-A developers and we haven’t turned our back on that level of development; instead we intend to bring it to the mobile platform when the hardware is ready to do so, Albon added. "That time is almost with us, but not quite yet. Rest assured we will drive all our experience from making games like Crackdown and BioShock into this and all our titles."

Albon hopes for the studio to expand in the future to other mobile devices, as well as looking at cross platform development for the console market. The developer also plans to open up a second studio next year in the south of England.

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solidpumar (on 23 November 2012)

If they release to iOS, they should release for android also.

AndrewWK (on 22 November 2012)

I understand why they would start with mobile gaming altough I think they are underestimating the risks and Apple

NobleTeam360 (on 21 November 2012)

Wasting their talent on Mobile gaming sighs

Cobretti2 (on 20 November 2012)

Gaming is doomed haha.